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This is the fourth installment of SAWE awards. Having covered the Ed Payne Outstanding Engineer, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, and Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Awards, we now turn attention to the other prestigious awards and recognition within the SAWE.
Still within the purview of the Awards Committee are the Benefactor and Student Awards. The Benefactor Award is bestowed upon an individual who “because of their interest in the advancement of SAWE, has contributed substantial sums of money from their own resources.” The student award (separate from the Scholarship Fund) is bestowed upon a student who “demonstrates knowledge of discipline via papers, seminars, or makes significant contributions to the advancement of SAWE.”
Awarded by the VP Technical Director are the Mike Hackney Best Paper Award and the Best Student Paper Award, which are determined by the Technical Awards Committee.
Awards presented by the VP Publications are the Best Chapter Newsletter and the Best Chapter Website. The VP Publications is responsible for the review, selection, and presentation of these awards.
Appreciation awards are presented at the discretion of the SAWE President or VP Technical Director for “individuals who contribute significantly to the goals of the International President” or who have expended an “effort beyond the call of duty or office”

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Social Media Committee

SAWE Blog - Fri, 2019-02-15 06:06

Over the last year+ we have worked to grow our social media presence as a Society. We believe this has been an important step forward and has greatly helped keep members connected.

The two main items that we have put our focus on is the SAWE Blog and the Monthly Bulletin. I believe we are at a good place and routine with both of these items and it is time to start growing and focusing on other platforms we can have a presence.

We, as a Society, need to grow our LinkedIn presence. We want members to be able to attach SAWE to their resumes on the site. We also believe this will be a great way to reach potential members.

If you are interested in helping us grow our Social Media presence, please contact me, Melissa Gray ( I am hoping to add multiple members to the Social Media committee. Anyone that has experience with LinkedIn or is looking to get more involved in the Society, this is a great opportunity!

Melissa Gray

Social Media Committee Chair

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Criteria for Richard Boynton Award

SAWE Blog - Tue, 2019-02-05 17:01

This is the fourth in a series of articles from the SAWE Awards Committee.
The Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award is the most prestigious SAWE award. The candidate for this award “shall have demonstrated extraordinarily strong and sustained support of the Society over a significant number of years”. The nomination form is attached.
The awards defined thus far fall under the purview of the SAWE Awards Committee. A future article will address other recognition awarded by SAWE Executive Committee members.

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The Rocky Mountain Chapter January ’19 Adventure

SAWE Blog - Tue, 2019-02-05 07:10

It is winter here in the Rocky Mountains.  Snow falls almost every day, and finally our property looks like what one would expect for a home in the mountains in the winter.  Gone are the swaths of brown grass with occasional patches of snow, the roof of the house and shop are covered in white just like the trees and ground.  The driveway is bordered by snow cliffs where the snowblower hasn’t touched, and despite repeated runs of the snowblower, the driveway itself is snowpacked as the sun has failed to melt the last little bit.  Exercise means using the treadmill and shoveling the porch and boardwalk, as the trail system is obliterated under a carpet of white.

My driveway is snowpacked!

Rather than be snowbound, the SAWE Rocky Mountain Chapter scheduled a fun day and we headed southwest down US 285 towards the ski town of Breckenridge.  The objective – the annual International Snow Sculpting Festival.

20 ton cubes of packed snow

They start with 20 ton cubes of packed snow for each entry.  The artists then use saws, chisels, planes, shovels, and other implements to create works of art in the town square.  We had been there in 2015, and really enjoyed it, so a repeat trip sounded like fun.

The drive to Breckenridge was an adventure on its own.  We had kept our eye the weather report, and supposedly it would be clear but cold and windy in Breckenridge.  The weather cleared as our driver, Ric Roy, started up the north slope of Kenosha Pass.  Claire and I were passengers in the car with Ric and his wife Lisa.    The road was snowpacked but obviously plowed which eventually became dry pavement near the 9997 foot MSL summit.  For the only time on the trip is was prudent to drive anywhere approaching the speed limit.  From the top, South Park (yep THAT South Park, just like the TV show) beckoned below, covered in blowing snow.  Rounding the turn towards the west, we were hit by strong, gusty winds that blew snow across the road, which only got stronger as we descended into South Park.  At times, the visibility was only a few dozen or so feet with a wind reaching 50 mph.  We drove into Fairplay, where the wind finally died down.

Here we are entering the town of Alma, the highest incorporated town in North America at 10,361 feet MSL, at the base of Hoosier Pass

The drive over Hoosier Pass (11,542’ MSL) was relatively benign.  Coming into Breckenridge we hit ski traffic 5 miles out of town, and crept into town, where we found a parking space a couple of blocks away from the town square.  We walked down to see the sculpturing taking place.

The customary Breckenridge Brewery Bar The view from the southern entrance The Chinese showing off their Taikonauts Dancing Hippos reminiscent of Fantasia taking shape The finished Hippo sculpture The local (Breckenridge) team’s entry, featuring the Snow God Ullr (pronounced Ooler) and his sack of snowballs with which he blesses the town of Breckenridge and the surrounding mountains with plentiful snowfall 1st place went to Team Mexico and their depiction of the mythical Cenote Monster (sorry, it was very cold and my gloved hand got in the picture) And as a finale, Ric freezes his hands trying to get a picture We had a meandering path from the car to the exhibits and to lunch before heading back home

After lunch at Moe’s Original Barbecue, we drove back to Pine, where Ric and Lisa dropped us off and we went our separate ways – although both Ric and Lisa and I were ultimately headed into central Denver!

As a final picture, this is looking Northwest from my house (elevation 8463 MSL) towards the 13,575 foot MSL Mount Rosalie and that triangular bump to her right is 14,246 foot MSL Mount Evans.

Robert Zimmerman

Rocky Mountain Chapter President

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SAWE San Diego Chapter host San Diego State University outreach event

SAWE Blog - Thu, 2019-01-24 11:39

Back in November 9th, 2018 the SAWE San Diego Chapter teamed up with the San Diego State University’s College of Engineering Student council to host an outreach event. Students and attendees were treated to pizza and refreshments while chapter direct Doug Fisher gave a very engaging presentation and discussed what is mass properties engineering and SAWE’s important role in the industry. Following the presentation an open forum discussion took place and fellow members shared their career experiences as a mass properties engineers. Thank you to SDSU CESC President Nik Marquez for hosting and Doug Fisher for a great presentation!

San Diego SAWE members w/ San Diego State University Students
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Criteria for Fellow and Honorary Fellow Awards

SAWE Blog - Fri, 2019-01-18 17:51

This is the third in a series of articles from the SAWE Awards Committee.
The criteria for the Fellow and Honorary Fellow awards can be found in the attached files. These are presented in tandem because the criteria are similar. Note the differences in wording, viz., that a candidate for Fellow has “achieved distinction in Mass Properties Engineering, or has materially contributed to the advancement of the SAWE”; whereas, an Honorary Fellow has “achieved eminence in Mass Properties Engineering, or has made outstanding contributions to the advancement of the SAWE”.
A subtle distinction, but here are some additional guidelines: a candidate for Fellow has participated at the International level on committees or has led training sessions, or has been a key player in supporting the local chapter for an International Conference. Consistent and outstanding performance at the SAWE chapter level may also qualify, as would a distinct achievement in the field of Mass Properties Engineering.
Honorary Fellows are typically chosen from the field of Fellows and usually require a longer length of service at the International level in a key leadership position.

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Hampton Roads Chapter Thanks Regional Conference Participants!

SAWE Blog - Wed, 2018-12-19 19:46
The SAWE Hampton Roads Conference Host Committee

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the SAWE would like to thank everyone who participated in our Regional Conference and helped make it a success!

We would like to especially thank our conference sponsors,Aerospace and Space Electronics LLC, for helping to make the Regional Conference possible.  Special mention must also be made of our exhibitors and break sponsors: Huntington Ingalls Industries, The Scale People, Intercomp, Altair, Shipweight, and GEC.  Finally, a special thank you to Jeanne Willoz-Egnor of the Mariner’s Museum for an enlightening lunch presentation on the history of technology and change in the America’s Cup sailing race.  

The Regional Conference featured a full day’s worth of technical presentations, which included discussions of measurement of uncertainty, how engineers are educated, building the world’s largest mining truck, and the SAWE’s proposed Mass Properties Certification Program. 

The Hampton Roads Chapter now turns its attention to preparing for the International Conference, to be held  May 18-23 in beautiful downtown Norfolk.  It is shaping up to be good one, with excellent training, technical content, the latest in SAWE Standards and Practices, and discussions on the future course of the society.  We invite all members of the SAWE and the larger mass properties community to participate. You won’t want to miss it!

Registration will open in the early part of 2019.  Keep an eye on the website and the SAWE Blog for updates.  

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Criteria for Ed Payne Award

SAWE Blog - Wed, 2018-12-19 08:28

This is the second in a series of articles from the SAWE Awards Committee, the first having been an introduction and general summary of the process.

The criteria for the Ed Payne Award for Outstanding Young Engineer can be found in the attached file.  Nominees must be less than 35 years of age at the time of nomination.  The candidate will have contributed significantly to SAWE or the mass properties engineering profession within the scope of their limited career years.  

As stated previously, all nomination forms can be accessed through the SAWE Website at, or by referencing the SAWE Operations Manual, Section1.3.4.

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Do you know who this SAWE member is?

SAWE Blog - Mon, 2018-12-17 07:03
A gentleman by the name of Bruce Jacobs wrote to the society with a “historical question”.  He found a badge belonging to his grandmother with our name on it.  He was asking if we could supply any information we might have on her.  He only supplied her married and maiden name. I responded to his email asking the obvious questions of where she worked and approximately when she retired.  His response was that she retired in the early 80’s from Rockwell or Northrop and worked on the space shuttle engine systems in some capacity. Now comes the fun part—–he also sent a picture of the badge he found ( see attachment).  It shows that Edna Jacobs was a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers.  Note the 3rd word.  This means the badge was from before we changed our name from Aeronautical to Allied.  This means before 1973!! If anyone has any more information, Bruce would enjoy reading it.  I do not want to post his email address on the blog for obvious reasons, but I would be more than happy to pass the information to him. Please respond to Ron Fox ( to pass along any information you might have for Bruce, or he can get you in contact with him!
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What does participation at a SAWE conference do for YOU?

SAWE Blog - Fri, 2018-11-30 22:58

For ME, the recent SAWE conferences have given ME renewed drive to go back to work and continue to earn MY paycheck, but with increased personal investment in MY career, MY company, and MY SAWE Family. Getting to listen to very interesting technical presentations, network with a like-minded group, engage OUR Exhibitors, and see growth of OUR profession first hand is an opportunity worth the personal investment of time and finances. You might be surprised by the response of your management when you build a solid business case for why they should invest in THEIR future by promoting YOUR participation in the SAWE. Resources for this exist on OUR website. Use The Welcome to the SAWE pitch as a baseline, Use the 2018 SAWE Industry Survey results at Review tips for justification of attending a conference at INSPIRE the future by digesting Rod Van Dyk’s article in the 2018 Fall Journal,

I encourage everyone who reads this to post at least a one liner answering the subject question.



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Annual Awards Information

SAWE Blog - Fri, 2018-11-16 09:12
The Awards Committee invites all SAWE members to submit worthy candidates for awards at the 2019 Annual SAWE International Conference. It is not too early to begin gathering supporting evidence for the candidates’ causes. We encourage members to collaborate with colleagues to gather this information. The focal point will be Chapter Directors, but any member can submit a candidate for consideration. The deadline for submitting candidate information is March 1st. The criteria for awards in the following categories will be detailed in future blog posts: Ed Payne (Best Young Engineer), Fellow, Honorary Fellow, and Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement. Keep an eye out for these posts and begin thinking of members of SAWE to nominate. In the meantime, please refer to the SAWE Website at to obtain nomination forms. The current Awards Committee consists of SAWE Honorary Fellows Pat Brown, Dudley Cate, Miguel Mascary, and Robert Zimmerman, with Bill Griffiths as Chairman. Bill Griffiths
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SAWE PowerPoint Template Released

SAWE Blog - Tue, 2018-11-06 07:26

The SAWE has created and released a template for use in all SAWE presentations.  There are three main reasons the SAWE has done this. First, much effort has been put into making a template that is easy to read by audiences and easy to create for presenters.  Secondly, by using a standardized template, our conferences, meetings, and outside presentations will sport a familiar look that is consistent across multiple presentations. And Thirdly, the new format reflects the modern professional style that the SAWE wishes to project to our members and public.

The template, which incorporates instructions on how to use the template, along with best practices for  PowerPoint charts can be found on the SAWE website at:

The SAWE recognizes that some organizations require their employees to include mandatory company content on projected slides.  The SAWE will honor those requirements, although we expect presenters to follow the guidelines within the template and best practices.  These guidelines and best practices are there to ensure that slides are readable, particularly in non-ideal lighting and from both near and far from the projection screens.

We believe that this new template will enhance the SAWE and its members by ensuring we are viewed as professionals.


Robert Zimmerman

SAWE Vice President – Technical Director

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