SAWE Presentation Template

The SAWE has created a standardized PowerPoint Template for use by those presenting at Conferences and other meetings. This has been a collaborative effort by Doug Fisher and Robert Zimmerman.

The template can be found on the SAWE website. Please use the template in order that our presentations can be consistent, professional, and readable.

The following are some Do’s and Don’ts for PowerPoint charts:


  • Use the template – this reinforces uniformity of presentation style
  • Limit each slide to one idea
  • Highlight Key Points – reinforce what you are saying
  • Keep bullet points brief
  • Provide a logical progression from slide to slide
  • Only use key words and phrases
  • Use italics for direct quotes, and book, magazine, and journal titles
  • Make sure charts and graphs are readable
  • Place tables on a separate slide
  • Use illustrations that relate to the message
  • Limit bullets per slide to 6 or less
  • Limit animations – use only if this enhances the presentation


  • Don’t use small font sizes
  • Don’t get “fancy” with fonts and colors – Use the template
  • Don’t use ALL CAPITALS
  • Don’t change the background – Use the template
  • Don’t make slides that are long paragraphs
  • Don’t use slide transitions – keep the focus on you, not your charts

By using the template and following the Do’s and Don’ts you will have a much better presentation and your audience will appreciate your efforts.