83rd SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering

2024 SAWE Annual Conference



Virtual Technical and Standards Sessions

  • Technical Sessions: May 20th & May 22nd 2024
    • 7 AM - 1 PM PST
  • Standards & Practices: May 21st 2024
    • 7 AM - 1 PM PST

Registration Fees:

Registration will be opening on March 1st, 2024!

General Registration: $249
Members: $199
Retiree or Student Members: $29


Fee includes access to download recorded proceedings
and papers following the event.


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Virtual Training: 2024

 In-Person Training: Fort Worth, Texas

  • Automated Weight & Balance System
    • May 14, 2024, Fee: $700
  • Aircraft Weight & Balance
    • May 15 and 16, 2024, Fee: $1,400

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SAWE President's Message

Robert Hundl - SAWE International President




On behalf of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers I want to extend a cordial invitation to our 83rd Annual International Conference being held virtually for the 3rd time. Our conference planning committee is putting together a great line up of topics and papers for you:

• Learn about today’s latest technologies, techniques, and programs

• Participate in development and updates of mass properties industry standards

• Experience problem solving in forum discussions

• Meet vendor representatives and get acquainted with products essential to our jobs

• Talk informally with customers, competitors, and suppliers

• Review development of the new Mass Properties Engineer certification program

• Learn first-hand about the latest SAWE activities and programs

SAWE’s technical sessions, standards and practices workshops, and forum discussions address the many needs across the military aircraft, commercial aircraft, airline, space, marine, offshore, land vehicles, and allied industries represented by our society.  The virtual conference is designed to enhance your knowledge and capabilities in a technical, comfortable, and fun atmosphere.  Attendance at our conference will be rewarded with a valuable experience renewing your understanding of mass properties and improving your abilities to generate top performance products in a safe, efficient manner.  Holding this conference virtually allows us to reduce your costs (lower registration, no travel expenses, less time away from the office) allowing for greater participation from our mass properties communities from around the globe.

If you need guidance for discussing conference attendance with your sponsoring

management, visit our website at: https://www.sawe.org/conferences/conferencetips





Standards & Practices Sessions



May 21st






& Space

Marine Offshore








Prospective Papers




A Quick Start Guide to Using Excel VBA

Robert Hundl

Aircraft Mass Growth & Reduction Factors


Fincantieri Sustainment

Rocco Cappiello

Inertia Estimating

Andreas Schuster

Mass Estimation of Folding Wings


Weight Control in the Marine Industry

Runar Aasen

Measuring Reaction Points during Aircraft Weighing using an Inexpensive Laser

Damian Yañez

Methods for Mass Estimation of Cryogen Hydrogen Tanks for A320-Aircraft Size


Methods for the Operating Mass Empty Estimation in the Aircraft Design



Andrew Walker

Practical Limits of Precision

Doug Fisher

SAWE Career Development

Dirk Petersen

SAWE Certification Workshop

Dirk Petersen

SAWE Handbook Section 2.2 Solid Properties Excel Formulae

Robert Zimmerman

Why Belong to a Professional Society like SAWE

William Boze

Why Incentives Matter

Daren Evans

Why Measure?

Robert Cipoli

Wing Design with regard to Mass and Drag

Hussein Mahfouz