Results of the Member Opinion Survey: Electronic Journal Access and Distribution Approaches

Fall 2013 Weight Engineering Journal

 Electronic Journal Access and Distribution Approaches Survey Results

Results are in and it is clear that SAWE members would like access to an electronic version of the Weight Engineering Journal. 60% of respondents actively desired an e-journal and 80% were either neutral or positive for the idea. Over 60% were also favorable or neutral towards letting the E-Journal be the standard distribution method. While these are high responses, there is still a well-represented number of members not ready or at all desiring to make a plunge headlong into an E-version of the Weight Engineering Journal. With these thoughts in mind, and yet to experiment with early access, we will introduce the concept by providing SAWE members a downloadable pdf version of the Journal. This format does not incorporate features like flowing text and therefore is best viewed on a screen size which is comfortable for the reader to access the original page-formatted document. It is fine on a desktop or laptop and not too bad on a 7.0in. tablet. As E-Journals are pursued further, mechanisms for appropriate display on a broader variety of user devices will be investigated.

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