What is Mass Properties Engineering?

What is Mass Properties Engineering?

Think for a moment about the latest new milestone in technology in the news today….an innovative new fuel-efficient car, the next-generation fighter jet for the US Air Force, the newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier for the 21st century, a new high resolution imaging satellite, an advanced unmanned underwater vehicle for our national defense, the first commercial cargo tranportation vehicle to service the International Space Station, or the world’s largest commercial airliner ……what do they all have in common?  

They all rely on mass properties engineering for their success. Mass properties refers to the prediction, determination, management, and tracking of weight, moments, centers of gravity, moments of inertia, and products of inertia for any new technology --- critical factors in its performance and capabilities. Mass properties engineering, also known as weight engineering, is the technical discipline that balances the weight and moment of every component involved in the design of a product to ensure that it performs its function in a safe, efficient, and economical manner. Behind just about every technological achievement is a successful investment in mass properties engineering.

Who are Mass Properties Engineers?

Mass Properties Engineers are creative thinkers who use math and science to solve problems. They come from a variety of backgrounds…..aerospace engineering, ocean engineering, automotive engineering, naval architecture, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, math or physics, to name a few. Still others come from operational backgrounds in the military, or other technical fields like teaching or production. However, they all share a common interest in making things work by successfully integrating the efforts from many diverse technical disciplines and blending them into an effective solution for all. 

Is Mass Properties Engineering the right field for YOU?

Do you…

  • See problems as opportunities?
  • Like to work as part of a team?
  • Desire to be an integral part of the latest technology?
  • Want to use science and technology to make the world a better place?
  • Excel at balancing attention to detail with the vision of a successful product?
  • Desire to participate in all phases of a successful new product…from concept development, to detail design, to construction and fabrication, to product testing, through product deployment and operation?
  • Aspire to make a meaningful contribution by developing practical solutions to new challenges? Can you picture yourself as a Mass Properties Engineering professional?
  • Great careers with some of the largest and best known technology organizations in the world
  • Competitive salaries and benefits
  • Personal satisfaction of doing worthwhile work
  • Working side-by-side with talented people from a multitude of technical backgrounds
  • Work in a creative professional environment
  • Leadership opportunities in vital military and commercial programs 

What is SAWE?

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers is an international, professional, nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion, practice, and innovation of the field of mass properties engineering. Founded in 1939 by a small group of weight engineers in the aviation industry, SAWE has grown to represent all facets of mass properties engineering in all industries. Some of the major industries represented are military and commercial aviation, automotive, military and commercial shipbuilding, and space technology. Members range from Government professionals in the US Navy or NASA to leaders in the largest technology and defense companies in the world.

With more than 550 individual members, 14 corporate partner and company members, and 21 chapters thoughout the US and overseas, including Canada, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom, SAWE members are at the forefront of this specialized technical field and are commited to making it a valuable, highly recognized contributor to any new technology program.

SAWE is where experienced professionals in mass properties engineering join with new entrants to the field to advance the science of mass properties engineering to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

How can SAWE help YOU?