2022-10-28 SAWE and the Hydrogen Economy

SAWE Technical Forum: SAWE and the Hydrogen Economy

October 28, 2022 - 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm EDT 

Facilitated by:
Jeff Cerro, NASA Langley

Registration Opening Soon.

The SAWE is continuing its series of virtual, web-based Mass Properties Forums with the 8th installment, “SAWE and the Hydrogen Economy”. This Forum topic addresses aspects in the generation (offshore) and use of hydrogen and how SAWE may incorporate the many changes this fuel imparts upon all of our product sectors. Gaseous and liquid hydrogen vs conventional fuel characteristics will be a discussion topic as to how this change can affect transportation systems. More in-depth coverage of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle implementations in air and ground transportation will be provided by an industry SME with 26 years of hydrogen vehicle design experience. The hydrogen economy is a de-facto global initiative seeking to alleviate many of the environmental impacts of energy use.

SAWE members, academics, and industry participants will start the discussion by providing some basic information on hydrogen properties and how that fuel type might affect transportation vehicles’ design/use. SAWE offshore is included as well, being a logical infrastructure from which to generate and transport hydrogen to energy storage destinations. There are already applications of hydrogen use in ground, air, space and marine transportation elements. Those vehicles as well as those of historical nature, and of future dreamed implementation, will be discussed.

After topic overviews, the forum includes audience participation by requests for questions, comments, and further information from our virtual audience. There is undoubtedly a growing fraction of SAWE members becoming involved in hydrogen fueled transportation concepts. This forum encourages continued growth in developing common understandings which this change imparts on our products’ design, manufacturing, and operations.

The Forum will be conducted on Friday October 28th, 2022, commencing at 10:00 AM MDT (12:00 PM EDT, 17:00 CET) and will run for 90 minutes. An email with sign-up instructions will be sent in early October.


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