SAWE RP O-1, 2017: Offshore Terminology

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Offshore Terminology
Document Number: 
Year Issued: 
Date Issued: 
1 May 2018
Prepared by: 

Offshore Industry Committee
Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.



At the onset of each project, a similar, weight management specific, definitions document should be issued to clarify weight management terminology to be used on that project. Efforts should be made to utilize SAWE standard definitions. However, this project specific document may take into consideration specific terminology used in client specifications and terms common to governing bodies with jurisdiction. Where there is conflict between SAWE recommended terminology and client terminology, work with the client to come to a consensus on what definitions will be used. The agreed upon definition shall be recorded in the Weight Management Definitions document prior to it being issued for project use.


To ensure consistency across all weight management documents, a centralized Weight Management Definitions document has been created. This document starts with weight management terms as defined in ISO 19901-5: 2003. Additional terms commonly used for weight management but not defined by ISO are also defined herein and, to the extent possible, have been defined per their most common industry usage.


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