SAWE RP-5, 2007: Mass Properties Control System for Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles

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Mass Properties Control System for Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles
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Date Issued: 
26 May 2007
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Government/Industry Workshop
Surface Transportation
Society of Allied Weight Engineers


This document covers standard mass properties statements for procurement of mass properties data for wheeled and tracked vehicles, states the principles followed in the formulation of these standards, and furnishes instructions where necessary for uniform compilation of the required mass properties statements and forms.

Sufficient detail is included to cover the majority of components for most wheeled and tracked vehicles (including amphibians). Blank spaces are provided for "write-ins" to detail mass properties for advanced design vehicles, projected propulsion systems, etc. Care should be taken before adding a "write-in" to ascertain that reasonably appropriate terms are not already available for usage.

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