2014-2015 SAWE International Elections


2014-2015 SAWE International Elections are now open. Voting ends April 15, 2014. Click the link below to vote online.

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If you are asked for a Token Number, enter your SAWE Member Number. Your SAWE Member Number is will be in the voter email sent to all current members or on the mailing label of the Conference Announcement and Officer Candidate material (US Members see important note below). For more information on where to find your SAWE Member Number, click here.


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2014-2015 Candidates for International Offices



Patrick M. MitchellPatrick M. Mitchell

BS Aerospace Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, 1989

Presently assigned to the 787-10 and the KC-46A USAF aerial refueling tanker. Past experience includes 787-9, 787-8, 767-400, 747-Airborne Laser, 767 AWACS, and V-22. Pat has been an innovator for creating airplane-level finite element models for vehicle analysis and design. He has an extensive background in preliminary design including the Sonic Cruiser, High Speed Civil Transport as well as other novel configurations.

Society Activities:
Pat is a SAWE Fellow. He has been serving as Deputy-VP Technical Director for the last two years. He is currently Seattle Chapter Director. He is a past Executive Vice President. He has served the Seattle Chapter as an officer for many years. Pat is the author of numerous SAWE technical papers.

I never lose sight of the fact that Weight Engineering is a unique discipline deserving of having its own technical society. I wish to continue to engage in making SAWE indispensable to our engineers. After attending many conferences, I feel fortunate to know many of our members – especially the ones that continually excel at getting the work done for the organization. I want your vote as an expression of your support for my enthusiasm to make SAWE a better organization for the practicing Weight Engineer.


Anthony J. “Primo” Primozich, P.E.Anthony J. "Primo" Primozich, P.E.

SAWE Members, I am requesting your vote as I seek to continue working for the SAWE, but this time as your International President. The President needs to be prepared to supervise the activities performed by all of the SAWE officers and committee chairpersons. Likewise, the President needs to preside at all Board of Director meetings and ensure they are carried out in accordance with the By-Laws. Additionally, the President needs to have the communication skills to inform the entire SAWE membership of the activities performed by members of our membership via email, teleconferencing, and newsletter/journal articles. I feel that I am well positioned for these duties and seek to perform them for the SAWE.

Since 2001, I have been an active part of the Kittyhawk chapter, centered near Dayton, Ohio, where I have served as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-President, President, and Director. During the past thirteen years, I have had the pleasure of attending multiple International Conferences, participating as a training class student, author, presenter, Board of Directors representative, and a Military Aircraft Workshop panel member.  From 2008 to 2012, I served as one of the Deputy Vice Presidents for Training where I coordinated three very successful International Conference training slates. I was elected to serve the SAWE as your Senior Vice President from 2012-2014. I have also been honored with the Ed Payne Award in 2008 and the title of Fellow in 2011.

My experience with budgeting, planning, and executing the training programs over the past few years, as well as my active participation and planning for previous conferences suits me well for the office of President. I sincerely request that you elect me, Anthony Primozich, as your International President. Thank you very much for your support.


Executive Vice President

Robert GilchristRobert Gilchrist

I have been a member of the SAWE since 1991, serving both the San Francisco and Seattle chapters as President, Vice President, and Chapter Director. In addition, I am currently the Chair for the Operations Manual Committee and Parliamentarian. The society has provided me with opportunities for education and growth, and I will continue to support the Society mission. As the Executive Vice President, I would continue supporting the work of the Standards and Practices committee converting our RP’s to ANSI standards and to investigate new Industry practices that could be converted to Recommend Practices. If elected, I look forward to working with the member chapters and individuals in promoting the SAWE’s work. I humbly ask for your vote for the office of Executive Vice President.


Senior Vice President

Rick WatkinsRick Watkins

7 years as SAWE Member of the Houston Chapter
2 years as SAWE Deputy Vice President of Training
1 year as International Registration Chair
3 years as 70th International Conference Chairman
1 year as Houston Chapter President
1 year as Houston Chapter Vice President
3 years as Houston Chapter Webmaster
1 year as Houston Chapter Secretary
Recipient of the 2011 Ed Payne Award for Outstanding Young Engineer

Mr. Watkins has a proven track record of supporting the SAWE at both the Local and International levels. Since joining the SAWE in 2006, he has been an active member of the Houston Chapter and continues as a leader in that group while also serving in two International offices. He has secured his own company, Altair Engineering, as a Corporate Partner and a repeated Sponsor/Exhibitor. In addition, he has provided the Society with insights into how the Society can more effectively retain and attract these Partners, who are critical to its success. He has also been a key voice in streamlining and modernizing the Society’s practices and procedures for their planning and execution of International and Regional Mass Properties Conferences.

Candidate Statement:
Dear fellow SAWE members,

I am very pleased to request your support for my bid to serve as the next Sr. Vice President. I am proud to have been involved in a number of Chapter and International positions over the previous years, particularly those that have focused on supporting the Society's annual International Conference. This year, I have served as the Deputy VP of Training and as the International Registration Chair reporting to the current Sr. VP. Both of these positions specifically work with the International Conference and with the experience I have gained here and during my time as the 2011 Conference Chairman in Houston, I am confident that I can provide the kind of service this position deserves and requires.

If elected, there are two areas on which I would focus my attention as Sr. VP. The first is to continue to reinforce the honor that it is for a Chapter to host an International Conference. I believe that this instills pride in the Society and an unparalleled sense of belonging. By reducing the amount of repetitive work, we can make hosting a conference fun and rewarding. My personal goal would be to see every Chapter have a plan to host a Regional or International Conference in the next 10 years.

My second area of focus would be on continuing to streamline and improve the International Conference experience for everyone involved – Host Chapters, Members, Authors, Sponsors and Partners. The annual conference is our most visible mechanism for enriching the Mass Properties industry and reaching out to potential members who are not yet part of our ranks. I think that this is an aspect that is often forgotten as the details of schedule and budget mount upon the planners. Toward that end, I will continue to support the practices that make our Conferences the highlight of each Mass Properties Engineer’s year, whether it is a new mobile app showing the schedule or the cherished tradition of that particular whiskey in the Hospitality Suite.


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