2020-2021 SAWE International Elections

February 15, 2020


2020-2021 SAWE International Elections are complete. Voting ended April 15, 2020.  

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2020-2021 Candidates for International Offices


William Boze

John Hargrave

I’ve been an active SAWE member at both the International and chapter level since joining in 1981. The Society has been a vital resource of my career providing me with opportunities for professional growth, valued personal relationships, and rewarding challenges. SAWE has provided me access to an unparalleled worldwide community of diverse mass properties individuals with common goals, challenges, and technical strategies to continue promoting excellence in mass properties for our products and end users.

The past year as your SAWE President has been both challenging and rewarding. Our organization has addressed the priority objectives that I presented at the 2019 Board of Director’s meeting. And we continue to make progress on those objectives as well as others. It would be an honor to serve again as your next President.

2019 Priority Objectives and Status

Follow up Mass Properties Engineer Certification exploration initiatives with program development – on track for 2021 start

Enhance Training program to attract some of the engineering communities that have become inactive. – 2 new training courses, one more in development

Continue the valued committee telecoms and ongoing timely results – several each week, very effective and productive

Exploit ANSI accreditation of SAWE as standard developer. – released M-4 as our first ANSI Standard

Ensure the Hamburg International Conference is a great success. – actively planning details each week

Engage SAWE Chapters to help them activate leadership and promote membership participation – presentations, telecom addresses, attend meetings, emails, and other encouragement

Target Corporate leadership for improved support of SAWE – direct contact, strategy meetings, and Corporate Steering Comm.


SAWE Experience / Background

SAWE President May 2019-2020

Instrumental in starting the SAWE Training Program. Training Chairman

Co-chaired SAWE Southwest Regional Conference in Temecula in Feb, 2018

SAWE Board of Director member for many years, Technical Session chairman and author, Military Aircraft Workshop panelist and co-chair, Served on Awards Committee including chairman

Honorary Fellow, Fellow, Ed Payne Outstanding Young Engineer recipient

Northrop Grumman Corporate representative and member of the Corporate Steering Council

International Conference Host Committee – Facilities, Photography, and Hospitality

Volunteered twice to serve on Host Committee as a guest (San Fernando and Denver chapters)

Los Angeles Chapter – served as Director, President, Vice-President, Treasurer

Attended numerous International and Regional Conferences as well as chapter meetings for Los Angeles, and a few for San Diego, and Mojave Desert.


Mass Properties Career

SAWE President May 2019 to present. (retired from Northrop Grumman March 2019)

I have worked my entire career in mass properties engineering, beginning Jan 1980. Thirty-five years at Northrop Grumman and 3 years and Learfan.

Experience includes all phases of aircraft design: conceptual, preliminary, detail, flight test, and production. I have experience developing analysis tools, using weighing equipment, testing for validation, proposal development, database management, and leading projects.



Implement initial SAWE Mass Properties Engineer Certification program

Continue SAWE Certification program development toward ANSI accreditation.

Enhance Training program to attract some of the engineering communities that have become inactive.

Engage SAWE Chapters to help them activate leadership and promote membership participation and mentoring

Reach out to Corporate leadership for improved support of SAWE


Executive Vice President

Rick Watkins

Darren Gamble

Current Position:

Head of Mass Properties, Bombardier Aviation (Short Brothers PLC), Belfast (UK)


Professional experience

Having completed secondary level education in 1987, I started a 3-year technical apprenticeship with the then Short Brothers PLC (the oldest aircraft manufacturer in the world.) In 1990 I was assigned to the Weights Department for a 6-week placement. I must have fallen into a parallel universe for a while as over 29 years later I’m still here!!

I have worked on a wide range of programs within that time ranging from our own aircraft to various Aerostructures packages for both Bombardier and other third-party companies at all stages of design evolution and beyond.

I really love the fact that Mass Properties Engineers are a social bunch and, in the majority of cases, ‘get-on’ with each other and support each other.

I also love the variety of the job and the wide range of interactions that we can have at all levels within the organization.

SAWE Experience

I joined SAWE in 2000 on the recommendation of the late Rex Chrisco from Learjet. I saw it as a way to get to know like-minded people with the same passions as myself and to learn from them. I was a ‘member-at-large’ for a few years before joining the Canadian Chapter (as their international member!!).

I really find that getting involved in the committee meetings etc. gave me a much better sense of ownership of the Society and highlighted the tools that were available (RP’s, training, papers etc.)

SAWE Roles

· Past Chapter Vice-President (Canadian Chapter)

· Current Canadian Chapter Director

· Member of MPE Certification Committee

· Member of Corporate Partner Steering Committee


To build on the work led by Clint, as previous Executive VP, and the team in working with our SAWE Executive, Corporate Partners and Company Members in order to address specific industry needs and further areas of the SAWE survey action plan, whilst (as a member of the steering committee) ensuring that the current Mass Properties Engineer (MPE) certification aligns with them. I will continue to work to grow our society and ‘future proof’ it to ensure that knowledge is captured and shared. I ask for your support in my bid for the office of SAWE Executive Vice President.


Senior Vice President

Errol R. Oguzhan, PE

The Senior Vice President for the Society of Allied Weight Engineers is a position that encompasses not only the planning and execution of our yearly International Conference but also oversees the Constitution and Operations Manual Committees. As a fellow member in this society we should elect someone to this position who will represent the members in drafting constitution or operational manual updates and make the International Conference accessible at a reasonable cost. I would like to continue to represent you as Senior Vice President.

My membership in the SAWE started in 1986 and I hit the ground running as Photography Chair for the SAWE 9th Annual Northeast Regional Conference. I haven’t stopped running since. I have held every office in the Texas Chapter multiple times almost every year since 1989, currently as Director. I have been involved with fourteen Texas Regional Conferences and I have attended eight more in my capacity as the SAWE Vice President – Training or Deputy VP Training. On the International level I have participated in fifteen International Conferences and was Chairman for the 2001 SAWE 60th and Co-Chairman for the 2018 SAWE 77th. There are very few people in our society who have chaired two internationals and few of those have also chaired five regional conferences as well. Additionally, with only one other person, we put together the first Texas Regional Training Conference held in 2015. This conference was a huge success and really got me thinking about our International Conference and how we, as a society, finance our yearly budget.

During the summer and early Fall of 2016, I chaired an International Conference Committee to discuss the international conference structure and cost. The goal was to look for ways to restructure the conference and reduce cost in an attempt to make the conference more accessible for members with or without company support and to return the main focus of the conference to technical interchange and member networking and engagement. A more reasonable conference registration could also increase company support. I would like to continue this work as your Senior Vice President. My goal was to reduce the cost of International registration from its current $900 to $1100 to a more reasonable range of $300 to $600, through conference restructuring, possibly smaller venues or utilizing universities, and working on creating alternate fund-raising sources in the form of Training conferences. Without future conference Chairman on board with this plan, the process is much more difficult to achieve. I would like more time to propose changes for the 2022 conference. I will work with the Central European Chapter on a successful SAWE 79 conference in Hamburg and with the Space Coast Chapter on a successful SAWE 80 in Melbourne Florida. A chapter bid is in work for the SAWE 81st in 2022.