2021-01-29 CMPE Workshop: Exam Development


SAWE Workshop: Certified Mass Properties Engineer Question Development

January 29, 2021 - 10:00 AM CST 


Do you feel there are "Mass Properties 101" basics that every Mass Properties engineer should be knowledgeable about regardless of industry?

The SAWE Mass Properties Engineer Certification Committee is hosting an exam question brainstorming workshop where you can help shape the questions included on an Associate-Level Certified Mass Properties Engineer exam.  This exam will be non-industry specific, and will be geared toward members who have either a Bachelor’s degree and 2 years of experience OR 5 years of applicable MPE experience.

The workshop will be virtual with "breakout rooms" for different Mass Properties topics:

  • Verification
    • check that MP data you or others evaluated are to the required accuracy
    • How to identify anomalies or errors in the MP data
  • Analysis
    • Be familiar with statistical and probability tools and methods:
      • Basic statistical variables: skew, mean, median, standard deviations, probability distributions.
      • Error analysis, precision, accuracy, sensitivity, bias.
      • Forecasting, extrapolation, curve fitting, confidence bounds, probability calculations. 
      • Data analysis: exploratory data analysis, Monte Carlo method, ANOVA, risk analysis
  • Component Knowledge
    • Basic knowledge
      • Sizing
      • weight driving requirements
      • history of technology
      • different design solutions
      • material constraints
      • manufacturing constraints
      • interaction between components
  • Systems Engineering
    • Basic Systems Engineering working knowledge
      • Difference between MPCP, SEMP, TEMP
  • Engineering Knowledge Other Engineering Topics
    • Math - Tensor calculus, Probability, statistics, scientific experimentation,
    • Physics and Chemistry
    • Engineering University Classes – Strength of Materials, Statics & Dynamics, Fluid, electricity, metallurgy
    • Economics
  • Mass Modeling
    • Basic concept knowledge of part/drawing indenture and work breakdown structure
    • General understanding of 3D-models and tools


Not only is this an opportunity to help shape the knowledge base required for future Certified Mass Properties Engineers, this is also an opportunity to get to know your mass properties colleagues in an interactive setting.

If you are unable to attend the workshop but still want to submit questions, please submit them to Anjie.L.Emmett@NASA.gov

The facilitators will send out topics, an agenda, and materials on January 20th.

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