Virtual Training - Live

2021 Virtual Training Opportunities

All classes will be held virtually via Zoom

Course Name Instructor Cost per Student Dates & Times (EDT) Link for Registration
Aircraft Weight and Balance Pat McIntyre $1200 Mon-Wed June 21-23, 2021
10am - 5pm
Automated Weight & Balance System (AWBS) Training Harold Smoot $650

Fri-Sat May 21-22, 2021

Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology Davy Hansch $500

Fri-Sat June 4-5, 2021

Aircraft Fuel Calibration Rod vanDyk $250

Sat June 12, 2021



Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) Training
Instructor: Harold Smoot, SAWE Fellow

This 10 hour class consists of two 5 hour sessions on consecutive days.

Students are required to schedule a 30 minute set up session with the instructor prior to the class. This session is to install AWBS v10 on the student’s computer.

This class will present all the new features of Version 10 of the US Air Force’s Automated Weight and Balance Software in a hands-on training class. The class will begin with a discussion of the terms and developmental history of AWBS, minimum system requirements, and software installation. The basic approach of the class is to give computer demonstrations followed by student exercises that will provide the students with a good understanding of AWBS Version 10 features and functions. Students will receive a complete overview of the software features to support weight control programs for military aircraft which include:

Converting From Older Versions of AWBS New AWBS Database (No Data)
Multiple Databases Database Utilities
Backup / Restore Repair / Compact
Merge Assign Personnel
Assignment / Relieve Scheduler and Intervals
Sorting / Highlighting / Printing of Scheduler Adding / Editing / Deleting of Intervals
Working Aircraft Opening
Create / Delete Exporting / Importing
Send Feature  


Additionally, instruction will focus on Chart A, Form B, Chart C, and Form F generation, maintenance, and usage.
The instructor will also allow time to address specific AWBS needs and questions of the students. Both new and veteran AWBS users will benefit from the demonstrations, exercises, and discussions in this software training.


Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology
Instructor: Davey Hansch, SAWE Fellow

This 8 hour class consists of two 4 hour sessions on consecutive days.
The Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating Methodology class discusses the fundamentals of Marine Vehicle Weight Estimating. The weight estimating methods described in SAWE Recommended Practice 14 “Marine Weight Estimating & Margin Policy Guideline” will be reviewed. The class will cover the theory, and application of these methods on specific examples and for whole ship design. The appropriateness of each method for each stage of ship design, construction and operation will be discussed. The students will work examples to estimate the weight of a vessel using multiple methods. Historic examples of weight estimating errors will be discussed as an example of practices to be avoided. Classroom materials and exercises will be provided.



Aircraft Fuel System Calibration & Verification Course
Instructor: Rod vanDyk, SAWE Fellow

This 4 hour class consists of one 4 hour session.

Mass Properties engineers are often requested to either participate in or generate a fuel system calibration and verification process for new aircraft in development or for aircraft whose fuel systems have been modified, since it involves having the aircraft supported on scales. This course gives all the pertinent steps to ensure that this process is completed in a safe, successful, and timely manner. This class outlines the basic fuel usage process; including how fuel quantities are measured, fuel system calibration techniques, understanding terminology such as usable and unusable fuel, and all aspects of fuel usage that can be determined on the ground. Some hands-on non-flammable liquid density measurements representative of fuel density measurements will be demonstrated by the instructor as part of the class.


Aircraft Weight and Balance (Virtual)
Instructor: Pat McIntyre

This class provides basic understanding and knowledge of Aircraft Weight and Balance Joint Service Technical Manual (also known as Technical Order 50).  Topics to be covered include Aircraft Weight and Balance Terms, Aircraft Weight and Balance Purpose and Basics, including DD Form 365-1 through -4 (Chart A, Form B, Chart C, Chart E and Form F), and Aircraft Weighing Techniques.  Students will watch a video of an aircraft weighing.  Students will be given a test at the end of the class, which must be passed in order to receive the Certificate of Completion.

The class will be taught over three consecutive days of six hours of instruction per day via Zoom License.  Students will have ample opportunity to interact with the instructor in a live setting.