Mike Hackney SAWE Best Paper Award


In 1968, an award was initiated for the author or authors of the best technical paper presented at the SAWE International Conference. The papers are judged for technical content, originality, usefulness, value, clarity, style, and form.

From 1968 to 1985 the award was sponsored by Revere Corporation and the winning author(s) were presented with what used to be described as a "loving cup." Hence, during this period, the award was called "The Revere Cup."

After 1985, The Revere Corporation decided, for reasons not known to this writer, that they would no longer sponsor this award.

In 1986 and 1987, the award was known simply as the SAWE International Conference Best Paper Award and consisted of an engraved plaque furnished by the Society.

From 1987 to 2001, the award was sponsored by and the plaque furnished by General Electrodynamics Corporation (GEC).

At the 1988 Board of Directors meeting, the name of the award was changed to "The L.R. "Mike" Hackney SAWE Best Paper Award. Mr. Hackney was one of the individuals who, in 1941, originally organized The Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers. (The name of the Society was changed later to the Society of Allied Weight Engineers.)

In 2001, other companies indicated that they would like to sponsor the award. The Board of Directors decided that if we gave the sponsorship to only one company, we risked alienating other companies and losing their support. To solve this problem, the Board of Directors decided to eliminate all specific item or function sponsorship by a single company.

Since 2001, the award has consisted of a plaque furnished by the Society. However, the name has remained "The L.R. "Mike" Hackney SAWE Best Paper Award.

All the winners of this prestigious award are shown below:

Year Paper No Paper Title Authors
1968 670 Determination of Weight, Volume and Cost for Tankers and Cargo Ships Roger P. Johnson - The Rand Corporation
Henry P. Rumble - The Rand Corporation
1969 761 High Lift Devices, A Weight and Performance Trade-Off Methodology Karl L. Sanders - Ryan Aeronautical Corporation
1970 860 Merchant Ship Weight Estimation T. Lamb - Maryland Shipbuilding & Drydock
1971 882 Preflight Balance Error Analysis for Dual-Spin Satellites J. P. Lagana - Hughes Aircraft Company
J. G. Lotta - Hughes Aircraft Company
1972 937 The Area Ratio Method Paul W. Scott - Douglas Aircraft Company
1973 981 Fuselage Structure Weight Prediction David M. Simpson - Hawker Siddley Aviation, Ltd
1974 1021 A Procedure for Calculating the Weight of Wing Structures with Increased Service Life Wolfgang Schneider - VFW-Fokker GMBH
1975 1044 Weight Effects of Structural Material Variation L. E. Lewis - LTV Aerospace Corporation
R. S. St. John - LTV Aerospace Corporation
1976 1100 Survivable Fuel Systems A. J. Holten - AFFDL
R. R. Sorrells - Vought Corporation
1976 1108 Optimization of Liquid Propellant Tank Bulkheads D. Lee Browning - General Dynamics Convair
1977 1164 Weight Estimation of Composite and Monolithic Spherical Pressure Vessels C. K. McBaine - Rockwell International Space Division
1978 1242 The Impact of Active Control Technology on Structures Helmut Zimmerman - VFW-Fokker GMBH
Otto Sensburg - MBB-GMBH
1979 1303 Structual Design of Free-Flying Solar-Reflecting Satellites John M. Hedgepeth - Astro Research Corporation
Karl K. Knapp - Astro Research Corporation
Laurence A. Finley - Astro Research Corporation
1980 1386 A Design Analysis Technique for Evaluating Size and Weight of V/STOL Lift Fans Paul F. Piscopo - Naval Air Propulsion Center
Rodger S. St. John - Vought Corporation
1981 1432 Potential Benefits of Integrated Active Controls Systems for Current Technology Commercial Transports John D. Brown - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
Charles J. Thomas - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
1982 1497 Missile Body Weight Prediction J. R. Atkinson - Vought Corporation
R. N. Staton - Vought Corporation
1983 1565 The Contribution of the Composite Material Constituents to the Laminate Structural Weight Russel G. Maguire - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
1984 1578 A Sensitivity Analysis for Composite Structure Weight Russel G. Maguire - Boeing Commercial Airplane Company
1985 1689 Straining for Weight Savings in Advanced Composites Larry J. Linner - Lockheed California Company
1986 1693 The Cost Effectiveness of Weight Reduction by Advanced Material Substitution Paul W. Scott - Douglas Aircraft Company
1987 1760 Sizing Missile Guidance Systems Jerry Pierson - LTV Missiles Division
1988 1840 Loadability Considerations in Preliminary Design Paul W. Scott - Douglas Aircraft Company
1989 1901 Derivation of a Fuselage Weight Estimating Relationship Paul W. Scott - Douglas Aircraft Company
1990 1939 How to Calculate and Minimize Errors When Performing Multiple Instrument C.G. Measurements Greg (Spike) Jones - Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
1991 2020 Weight Estimating Guide for Advanced Composites J. Wayne Burns - LTV Aircraft Products
1992 2090 Advanced Composites Sizing Guide for Preliminary Weight Estimates J. Wayne Burns - LTV Aircraft Products
1993 2172 Introduction to Stealth Aircraft Weight Penalties J. Wayne Burns -Vought Aircraft
1994 2228 Aircraft Cost Estimation Methodology and Value of a Pound Derivation for Preliminary Design Development Applications J. Wayne Burns -Vought Aircraft
1995 2283 Wing Primary Structure Weight Estimation of Transport Aircraft in the Pre-Development Phase Roland Kelm - Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmBH
Martin Läpple - Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmBH
Michael Grabietz - Grabietz Engineering
1996 2329 Method for Balancing VTOL/VSTOl Aircraft Karl L. Sanders - Aeronautical Engineer, Consultant
1997 2352 Hidden Errors in Turbine Blade Moment Measurement and How to Avoid Them Richard Boynton - Space Electronics, Inc.
1997 2406 Advanced Fuselage Weight Transportation for the New Generation of Transport Aircraft Roland Schmidt - Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmBH
Martin Läpple - Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmBH
Roland Kelm - Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus GmBH
1998 2444 Mass Properties Measurement Handbook Richard Boynton, Space Electronics Inc
Kurt Wiener, Space Electronics Inc
1999 2459 The Moment of Inertia of Fluids Richard Boynton, Space Electronics Inc
2000 3001 Technology Evaluation Via Loss Management Models Formulated in Terms of Vehicle Weight Bryce Roth, PhD Candidate, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dr. Dimitri Mavis, Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology
2001 3156 Standard SAWE Mass Properties Calculation Software and Algorithms Richard Boynton, Space Electronics Inc
John Nakai, Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Kurt Wiener, Space electronics Inc
George Strom, Retired
2002 3237 Obtaining Optimal Results with Filar Pendulums for Moment of Inertia Measurements David Lyons, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics
2003 3310 SUMMASSPROPS - An Excel VBA Solution for Summing Mass Properties Robert Zimmerman, Lockheed Martin Astronautics
2004 3325 Mass Property Measurement in the X-38 Project Wayne Peterson, NASA Johnson Space Center
2005 3360 Are You Sure - Uncertainty in Mass Properties Engineering John Nakai, Lockheed Martin Astronautics
Robert Zimmerman, Lockheed Martin Astronautics
2005 3367 Inclining Experiment Sensitivity Analysis Using Excel Simulation Tools David Tellet, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
2006 3384 Measuring Weight and Center of Gravity Using Load Cells Brad Hill, The Boeing Company
2007 3430 Systems Weight Estimation Enhanced Method for Early Project Phases Isabel Banel-Caule - Airbus-France
2008 3460 Using a Two-Plane Spin Balance Instrument to Balance a Satellite Rotor About Its Own Bearings Kurt Wiener - Space Electronics, LLC
Paul Kennedy - Space Electronics, LLC
Daniel Otlowski - Space Electronics, LLC
Brandun Rathbun - Space Electronics, LLC
2009 3468 Quantifying Uncertainty and Risk in Vehicle Mass Properties Throughout the Design Development Phase William Boze - Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Patrick Hester, Ph.D. - Old Dominion University
2010 3501 Simulation-based Transitional Stability Criteria for Submarines David Tellet, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
2011 3521 Mass Properties and Automotive Vertical Acceleration Brian Paul Wiegand, P.E.
2012 3547 Implementation of a Tool Chain for Extended Physics-Based Wing Mass Estimation in Early Design Stages Feliz Dorbath, Björn Nagel, and Volker Golinick
2013 3569 Revisiting Seawater Density and its Impact on Submarine Design David Tellet, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
2014 3620 Inertia Uncertainty Coordinate Transformation Adam M. Tahir and John H. Nakai
2015 3639 Weights Engineering of Historic Vessels Sean Kerry, CSC Advanced Marine Center 
2016 3660 Development of a Conceptual Flight Vehicle Design Weight Estimation Method Library Andrew Walker, Lockheed Martin
2017 3677 Considerations for Reviewing Ship and Submarine Weight Reports David Tellet, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
2018 3700 On Techniques for Correcting Entrained Air Errors during MOI Measurement of Aircraft Control Surfaces Daniel Otlowski, Space Electronics, LLC
2019 3710 Application of the Law of Propagation of Uncertainties to a Weight and CG Measurement System Anjie Emmett, Analytical Mechanics Associates (AMA), Inc. / NASA Langley Research Center
2020 3752 A Portable Device for Measuring the Cog: Design, Error Analysis and Calibration Giorgio Previati, Federico Ballo, Massimiliano Gobbi, Politecnico di Milano
2021 3765 Mass Properties and Automotive Directional Stability Brian Paul Wiegand, P.E.
2022 3745 Weight Management for On-Shore Modules Robert Hundl, Fluor