Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Richard Boynton, both personally and through his company, Space Electronics, has been a long-time supporter of and contributor to the Society of Allied Weight Engineers. As a prominent colleague and personal friend of many members, the Society instituted an award in 2010 to honor his contributions and legacy as a member of this organization. This ongoing award will keep Mr. Boynton’s legacy alive as an inspiration for our members long after the ending of his remarkable career. The Richard Boynton Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented annually (if warranted) to a member of SAWE that has demonstrated extraordinarily strong and sustained support of the SAWE over a significant number of years.


Year Name Chapter
2010 Richard S. Boynton Boston
2011 R. E. Johnston San Fernando Valley
2012 W. H. Sellner Central European
2013 I. O. MacConochie Hampton Roads
2014 R. L. Fox Los Angeles
2018 R. W. Ridenour St. Louis