Publication Award

Today’s SAWE Chapters are more likely to use e-mail or social networking to continually communicate among members than they are to publish a periodic Newsletter. For this reason, it has been decided to replace the Best Chapter Newsletter Award with an award for the Best Original Journal Article submitted by a member or chapter.

The rules for the Best Original Journal Article submittals are as follows:

  1. The article must be your work. Since it will be very difficult to impossible for “judges” to determine the originality of any article, you are on your honor.
  2. The article must be on some aspect of Mass Properties Engineering.
  3. The article must not have been previously published in Weight Engineering or as an SAWE Paper.
  4. Only one award will be made per year (May-April).
  5. Best is not synonymous with longest, i.e., keep the entries short enough to publish, but long enough to get your point across.
 For more information, contact the Vice President Publications, Robert Ridenour.