SAWE Scholarship and Donations

SAWE Scholarship

The SAWE has also established a scholarship fund for engineering students with the principal growing by donations from individuals, chapters, and corporations as well as by sale of our popular Introduction to Weight Engineering textbook. To date, the Society has established endowments at three universities; each provides $1,000 scholarships annually. The first such scholarship was endowed at the University of Texas at Arlington by the Texas Chapter in 1989. The Society has also endowed permanent annual scholarships at West Virginia University in 1999 and at Wichita State University in 2000. In addition, a scholarship award of $1,000 has been given annually since 1994 to an engineering student interested in mass properties engineering at a university within the geographic area of the annual International Conference. The SAWE chapter that hosts the annual International Conference selects the university receiving this annual scholarship money.

The SAWE introduced a scholarship program in 2002 for children and grandchildren of SAWE members who plan to continue their education in college. This program annually distributes scholarships to children of SAWE members. Scholarships are offered for full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited four-year college or university in a curriculum of the student’s choice.

Frank Fong Scholarship

The SAWE/Frank Fong Memorial Scholarship was established by SAWE and the family of SAWE past-President Frank Fong in 2005. The requirement are the same as the SAWE Scholarship but is dedicated toward students enrolled in a technical course of study (e.g. engineering, physics, mathematics, computer sciences, etc.).

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