2018 Regional and 2019 International Conference Location – Norfolk, VA – Hilton Norfolk The Main


I am please to announce that the Hampton Roads chapter has secured the location for both the 2018 Regional Conference (September 2018) and 2019 International Conference (May 2019) at the Hilton Norfolk, a.k.a “The Main”.  The Main is Norfolk’s newest and most modern hotel and is situated right in the heart of downtown Norfolk.  The Hampton Roads chapter encourages all of you to take a moment to check out their website by using the following link: http://www3.hilton.com/en/hotels/virginia/hilton-norfolk-the-main-ORFWAHH/index.html

We’re very excited about our venue and look forward to hosting all of you there.  If you are like me, you’ll want to check out the venue online now that we have made the announcement for the hotel.  There will be no shortage of restaurants, shops, and activities for you to fill up your spare time with this location in downtown Norfolk.  The Main itself has an impressive selection for dining in and plenty of modern and flexible meeting and conference rooms for us to enjoy!

We’d like to thank D. Jay Feldman for helping us to secure great room rates and amenities for both conferences as well as our Conference Co-Chairs Melissa Cooley and Amanda Cutright and our Facility Co-Chairs A. J. Bierbauer and Alan Titcomb.

David Cash (President – Hampton Roads Chapter)

3 thoughts on “2018 Regional and 2019 International Conference Location – Norfolk, VA – Hilton Norfolk The Main”

  1. Are there specific dates in the contract? Im ready to book my accommodations now….. Getting excited about visiting your beautiful, historic city.

  2. Outstanding job Host Committee on securing this fantastic hotel on very favorable terms! This is the hottest property in downtown Norfolk, and a perfect venue and location for holding a SAWE International Conference. The Hampton Roads Chapter is planning another strong conference program as they had for the 2010 conference in Virginia Beach, so if you enjoyed that conference, you are going to enjoy this conference equally. Also, for the many SAWE members that enjoy baseball, the Norfolk Tides Harbor Park Stadium is walking distance from the hotel. I’m already blocking out these dates in my Outlook calendar. Hope you do the same.

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