President of SAWE and President-elect of SNAME Meet

Hello fellow mass properties engineers,

I just wanted to share with you that I had lunch recently with Suzanne Beckstoffer, the President-Elect of the International Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (the Marine version of AIAA).  The objectives of that lunch were to compare and discuss challenges common within engineering organizations and professional societies, plus explore a potential relationship that could benefit both societies and its members.

I elected to have this exchange first with SNAME as opposed to AIAA or other professional societies because I had been a member of SNAME for nearly 40 years.  Plus, Suzanne periodically worked alongside me over the years at Huntington Ingalls Industries.  In addition, Suzanne was also mentored by the same person as I when we both entered the company a few years apart (yes, Darth Vader – See SAWE Winter Journal).  We were reminded of that mentoring by Vader when we both were discussing how we learned the true value of being an active professional society member.

Anyway, Suzanne and I agreed to pursue a relationship between our societies, and she intends to next bring with her their Executive Director to our next meeting.  I’ll be looking to do likewise.


Bill Boze, SAWE President

3 thoughts on “President of SAWE and President-elect of SNAME Meet”

  1. Please invite Ms. Beckstoffer and the SNAME membership to participate at the SAWE Texas International conference this May 2018. Collaboration is a path to success. I look forward to the message SAWE President Bill Boze will deliver throughout the Society of Allied Weight Engineers conference with his dynamic personality. Mr. Boze will be delivering, with myself, a presentation on the Health of the Mass Properties Industry and the Results of the related SAWE Industry Survey. I enjoyed this blog. Thank You SAWE.

  2. I believe that Bill’s initiative will pay dividends for both the SAWE and SNAME. I would encourage Mr. Boze to also contact John Langford, President Elect of the AIAA, as Dr. Langford resides in Manassas, VA, not far from where Ms. Beckstoffer adn Mr. Boze reside.

  3. Robert,

    I appreciate the encouragement plus the identification of the President Elect of AIAA. Dr. Lanford being located in Manassas will not only facilitate exchanges between SAWE and AIAA, but also enable bringing SNAME into the fold.

    SAWE President

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