SAWE Survey results

Dear Mass Properties Engineering Industry participants,

The SAWE recently conducted an industry survey with the ultimate objective of stimulating increased collaboration between Academia, SAWE Company Members and Corporate Partners, society members, and the SAWE Executive Board toward a common objective of addressing the current risks and opportunities.

Summarized results are available here.

Please use this forum to discuss the results and the direction of our society.

Paper 3699 “The Health of Mass Properties Engineering in Aerospace, Marine, Offshore, Land Vehicles, and Allied Industries – Results of a 2018 Industry Survey” with the detailed results can be downloaded from the SAWE document ordering and downloading database at

Please take the initiative to proactively participate in our Society of Allied Weight Engineers resulting in the betterment of our World through open collaboration.


Clint Stephenson
SAWE Executive Vice President


Author: clintds01

SAWE member since 2003.

5 thoughts on “SAWE Survey results”

  1. Dear SAWE board Members,

    I have read the presentation “The-Health-of-Mass-Properties-Engineering” and paper 3699. I intend to share the results with others MPEs members in our comunity at Embraer (in a specific meeting next week).
    The Brazil´s Chapter has already previously discuss some subjects presented in this survey. Some of the concerns frequently came up in our meetings here.
    Thank you for sharing this material. It is a great source of information.
    I expect to give to you a feedback about our opinion after the presentation.

    Best Regards

    Anderson Lindegger
    SAWE Brazil Chapter Member
    Tel: +55 12 981293284

    1. Thanks Anderson. I’ll follow up with you in September. If you will be at the Hampton Roads conference, maybe we can catch up there and discuss what your chapter thought of the results.

  2. Space News recently published an opinion article co-written by Bill Beyer of Deloitte Consulting and Mary Lynne Dittmar of the Coalition for Deep Space Exploration. They posit that we are now in a new Space Race but are hampered by a talent gap, much like what our SAWE survey has shown. The article can be read at . It is definitely an eye opener, and depicts the precise dilemma that the SAWE and the mass properties profession faces expanded to a much larger playing field.

  3. Just to let everyone know, in advance of receiving chapter feedback on the survey results, the SAWE Executive Committee has prepared an initial response to the survey which was recently vetted in our Corporate Steering Council made up of our Corporate Partners, Company Members, and major Sponsors. What was presented will be released in our forthcoming SAWE Fall Journal Issue. I think you’ll find the path forward on point and very exciting. Stay tuned, and keep the blogs going on this and other blog topics!

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