Hampton Roads Chapter Thanks Regional Conference Participants!

The SAWE Hampton Roads Conference Host Committee

The Hampton Roads Chapter of the SAWE would like to thank everyone who participated in our Regional Conference and helped make it a success!

We would like to especially thank our conference sponsors,Aerospace and Space Electronics LLC, for helping to make the Regional Conference possible.  Special mention must also be made of our exhibitors and break sponsors: Huntington Ingalls Industries, The Scale People, Intercomp, Altair, Shipweight, and GEC.  Finally, a special thank you to Jeanne Willoz-Egnor of the Mariner’s Museum for an enlightening lunch presentation on the history of technology and change in the America’s Cup sailing race.  

The Regional Conference featured a full day’s worth of technical presentations, which included discussions of measurement of uncertainty, how engineers are educated, building the world’s largest mining truck, and the SAWE’s proposed Mass Properties Certification Program. 

The Hampton Roads Chapter now turns its attention to preparing for the International Conference, to be held  May 18-23 in beautiful downtown Norfolk.  It is shaping up to be good one, with excellent training, technical content, the latest in SAWE Standards and Practices, and discussions on the future course of the society.  We invite all members of the SAWE and the larger mass properties community to participate. You won’t want to miss it!

Registration will open in the early part of 2019.  Keep an eye on the website and the SAWE Blog for updates.  

Criteria for Ed Payne Award

This is the second in a series of articles from the SAWE Awards Committee, the first having been an introduction and general summary of the process.

The criteria for the Ed Payne Award for Outstanding Young Engineer can be found in the attached file.  Nominees must be less than 35 years of age at the time of nomination.  The candidate will have contributed significantly to SAWE or the mass properties engineering profession within the scope of their limited career years.  

As stated previously, all nomination forms can be accessed through the SAWE Website at https://www.sawe.org/news/awardnominations2019, or by referencing the SAWE Operations Manual, Section1.3.4.

Do you know who this SAWE member is?

A gentleman by the name of Bruce Jacobs wrote to the society with a “historical question”.  He found a badge belonging to his grandmother with our name on it.  He was asking if we could supply any information we might have on her.  He only supplied her married and maiden name.
I responded to his email asking the obvious questions of where she worked and approximately when she retired.  His response was that she retired in the early 80’s from Rockwell or Northrop and worked on the space shuttle engine systems in some capacity.
Now comes the fun part—–he also sent a picture of Edna Jacobs Badge he found.  It shows that Edna Jacobs was a member of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Aeronautical Weight Engineers.  Note the 3rd word.  This means the badge was from before we changed our name from Aeronautical to Allied.  This means before 1973!!
If anyone has any more information, Bruce would enjoy reading it.  I do not want to post his email address on the blog for obvious reasons, but I would be more than happy to pass the information to him.
Please respond to Ron Fox (ron.fox@sawe.org) to pass along any information you might have for Bruce, or he can get you in contact with him!