SAWE San Diego Chapter host San Diego State University outreach event

Back in November 9th, 2018 the SAWE San Diego Chapter teamed up with the San Diego State University’s College of Engineering Student council to host an outreach event. Students and attendees were treated to pizza and refreshments while chapter director Doug Fisher gave a very engaging presentation and discussed what is mass properties engineering and SAWE’s important role in the industry. Following the presentation an open forum discussion took place and fellow members shared their career experiences as a mass properties engineers. Thank you to SDSU CESC President Nik Marquez for hosting and Doug Fisher for a great presentation!

San Diego SAWE members w/ San Diego State University Students

3 thoughts on “SAWE San Diego Chapter host San Diego State University outreach event”

  1. Thank you SAWE San Diego Chapter for the outreach to the San Diego State University’s College of Engineering Student council! Educating students (and management) on what mass properties engineering is, how it influences the performance of vehicles, and the role SAWE’s plays in promoting the mass properties discipline across industries is a message we all must continue broadcasting.

  2. Participation in the SAWE is key to the growth of our future in promoting safety and efficiency through Mass Properties Engineering on the Globe and beyond for generations to come. I would like to task the San Diego SAWE leadership with inviting the students who witnessed your enthusiasm for this endeavor to comment on this thread about what it is they gained from the meeting and how they envision the effect of Mass Properties Engineering on our future. Clint, SAWE Executive Vice President.

  3. Brian and all San Diego SAWE chapter members, I am so thrilled to read this article and see that y’all have continued making San Diego chapter active and having impact on our Engineers of tomorrow. Continue having an impact as you all are now. Terri Husley-Crawford-current Treasurer of Gulf Coast Chapter. Miss all of you. Brian I knew you would do well and I see that you have with taking on role as President of San Diego chapter. Thank you for your effort.

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