Calling All Student Members!

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) would like to extend a special conference invitation to our student members.  The SAWE organization, invested in encouraging and mentoring the next generation of mass properties engineers, is excited to host our student attendees in Norfolk, Virginia, May 18th – 23rd, with either free (for student presenters) or reduced cost (for non-presenting student attendees) registration for the entire conference, including the welcome reception; admittance to all paper sessions; standards and practices meetings and luncheon; a 90% reduced rate on the automotive lateral stability class; and the awards banquet at the conclusion of the conference.  In addition, our student attendees are invited to try their reasoning skills in the Escape Room, where you’re tasked to observe your surroundings, search for clues, and solve complex puzzles to find that special item in your room and escape in a defined amount of time – as challenging (but more fun) than a final exam! There are 1st Place ($1,000), 2nd Place ($750), and 3rd Place ($500) awards for the top three student papers. You do not have to attend the conference and present your paper to win, but you need to submit your abstract on or before March 1st.  We hope you can attend the 78th International SAWE Conference – with or without having written a paper – and find it a wonderful opportunity to talk to and interact with our professional members, vendors, and industry sponsors.  We are happy to answer your questions and share our professional journeys with you!

Dr. Donna Gerren

Vice-President, Academic Affairs

University of Colorado Boulder

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