S&P Day

Today is Standards & Practices Day. Each of the following industries is holding meetings: Airline Affairs, Ground Vehicles, Marine Industry, Military Aircraft, Missiles and Space, and Offshore Industry.

The day started with an overview from Andy Schuster. Just a reminder of the comment tracking for S&P public review on the SAWE website. Documents are often posted for the public review from members of the society. Even if a document is not posted for a review, you can document a comment and when the document is under its 5 year review the comment will already be documented. The site to do this is http://sawe.org/rp

Incoming VP S&P, Doug Fisher, discussed his goals for his term and how he hopes we can and will be successful.

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  1. The Mass Properties Engineer (MPE) Cert team will be visiting each session. Please ask questions. Please consider signing up as a volunteer to support our certification exploration! No volunteerism offering is binding. All efforts are welcome, and needed. Thank You for your SAWE participation. Sincere Thanks, Clint, MPE Cert team management.

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