SAWE Houston Offshore Workshop (HOW) 2020 registration

Registration for the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Houston Offshore Workshop 2020 is now open. Go to the following link to learn more.

SAWE Houston Chapter

Houston has the solution. See you there.

Clint Stephenson, SAWE Houston President

Author: clintds01

SAWE member since 2003.

One thought on “SAWE Houston Offshore Workshop (HOW) 2020 registration”

  1. This is an excellent forum to discuss your offshore weight control engineering issues leading up to the SAWE HOW 2020, and beyond. Could you benefit from an industry standardized method, or Recommended Practice (RP)? We will be developing RPs with the help of the offshore community. Could you use a handbook to successfully address issues? We will have a session on the SAWE Mass Properties Engineering handbook, Offshore section, as we work to update this valuable tool. Could your business use well trained professionals certified in Weight Control Engineering? The SAWE is working on developing a program to address this issue as well.

    Go to and consider participating in our SAWE HOW 2020 on Friday March 6, 2020 at Fluor Corporation in Sugar Land as we venture into our next decade together.

    Through your participation, we will progress.

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