Beware of ZoomBombing

With SAWE’s increased use of Zoom for online meetings, please beware of something called “ZoomBombing”. I’ve added some info on properly configuring your Zoom account to the SAWE Zoom Meetings page.

Please DO NOT publicly share any Zoom meeting details.  This article outlines some vulnerable settings that allow internet trolls to sabotage Zoom meetings with something called ZoomBombing.

After you have created a personal Zoom account, here are some settings to help prevent this:
IF you have the need to publicly sharing Zoom links where they could be discovered by trolls, be sure to change screen sharing to “Host Only” before a call starts. Some tips for other ways to protect your Zoom calls include:

  • Disable “Join Before Host” so people can’t cause trouble before you arrive.
  • Enabling “Co-Host” so you can assign others to help moderate.
  • Disable “File Transfer” so there’s no digital virus sharing.
  • Disable “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” so booted attendees can’t slip back in.

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