SAWE Houston Offshore Workshop report

The SAWE Houston Offshore Workshop 2020 was held on March 6th at Fluor Corporation’s offices in Sugar Land, Texas with gracious sponsorship of Fluor, Aker Solutions, SAWE Inc and BAS/ShipWeight. The workshop focused on the review of the SAWE Offshore Recommended Practices, a revision of the ISO 19901 for Offshore Weight Control and the proposed Offshore Handbook chapter to the SAWE Mass Properties Engineering Textbook. The Class Society (ABS) and SAWE presented the: Rule; Guideline; Guidance Note; Recommended Practice and ANSI Standard development process that each organization uses. The reviews started with the Project Proposal for the document, followed by discussions of the class, ISO or regulatory basis of the requirements, a development history of the current draft. The discussions that followed got right to the main points or one could say road blocks to completing the SAWE Recommended Practices. The documents and RPs included RP 0-3 Weighing, O-4 Reporting, O-7 In-Service Weight Control, the Handbook and Mass Properties Engineer Certification. The meeting minutes in the Offshore Industry folder under standards and practices Group Office on the SAWE website has more detail.

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