SAWE: “Together, Apart”

The world pandemic is presenting us all with new challenges in our daily lives.  It’s such a simple set of instructions to just stay home, practice social distancing, and wash your hands thoroughly and frequently.  By now we’ve all caught on to the items being hoarded and hopefully have found a way to cope with that.  Also, we’ve either found suitable face masks or learned how to make them ourselves.  I’m sure that we’re all watching “the numbers” as COVID-19 spreads around the world.  But these aren’t merely numbers – they are people, families, and friends.  The saying “it’s a small world” reminds us how connected we are in the world community.  We must become physically disconnected to combat the spread of this dangerous virus.

New phrases such as “Together, Apart” have emerged.  In other times this phrase would represent a riddle, but these days there’s no explanation needed.  Fortunately we have the ability to stay connected with family, friends, and work via many internet tools.

I want to give you an advance notice that your SAWE is currently working on what we’re calling SAWE Tech Fair.  It will be a series of online events beginning in late June.  The Tech Fair will include technical presentations, keynote speakers, forum discussions, Standard and Practice presentations, industry committee workshops, and several training courses.  This is an exciting opportunity to experience many of the usual conference activities without having to travel.  We are in the early stages of putting together the Tech Fair agenda and details.  But I want everyone to alert their management and co-workers of this upcoming event.  Online attendance will be both convenient and cost effective. 

Please keep in mind the many technical resources available to you through our website and that members get 10 free downloads per year.  Perhaps it’s a good time for you to download and read a few SAWE technical papers.  SAWE committees continue to meet via Zoom video telecoms (Executive, Technical, Standards and Practices, and Certification Development).  In fact our Board of Director’s meeting will be held online this May.  I encourage SAWE Chapters to stay connected by having meetings online as well.

Recently our Executive VP, Clint Stephenson, began our annual membership drive.  As you renew or sign up for SAWE membership, I hope you realize the value and opportunities available to you through participation and take full advantage. The SAWE worldwide community remains connected through our website and online tools.  These are stressful and difficult times for us all.  We’ll do our best to meet the challenge of being “Together, Apart” through the strength of our membership and Corporate Partners. 

Best regards to all,

John Hargrave

SAWE President

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