Solicitation for Consensus Body Members – Flight Vehicle Coordinate Systems, ANSI/SAWE STD A-6

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The second solicitation for Consensus Body members for development of ANSI/SAWE Standard A-6 has posted publicly at  ANSI Standards Action May 15, 2020, page 40. With a response end date of 6/14/2020. This is a Call for Members (ANS Consensus Bodies) notice for directly and materially affected parties who are interested in participating as a member of an ANS consensus body. You do not have to be an SAWE member to participate in this Consensus Body.

We are  particularly looking to achieve balance of the consensus body which is currently heavy with the category User-Government. Other categories are under represented and persons wishing to participate with one of those representations in mind are welcomed on a priority basis. Others are welcome to apply as well, The participatory categories are:

  • producer: the product design/developer typically the manufacturer of the product in question
  • user-industrial: Where the standards activity in question deals with an industrial product, such as steel or insulation used in transformers, an appropriate user participant is the industrial user of the product.
  • user-government: Where the standards activity in question is likely to result in a standard that may become the basis for government agency procurement, an appropriate user participant is the representative of that government agency.
  • general interest: where an overseeing interested party may participate or other possible participant not involved in producing, directly using, or acquiring the product as a government user

A current draft of the standard is available from the contact noted below:

SAWE (Society of Allied Weights Engineers)

Contact: Jeffrey Cerro, (757) 570-1386,;

NASA Langley Research Center, MS 451, 1 N. Dryden Street, B1209, Hampton, VA 23681

New Standard

BSR/SAWE STD A-06-202X, Standard Coordinate System for Reporting the Mass Properties of Flight Vehicles RP A-6 (new standard)

Stakeholders: Aircraft, space craft, launch vehicle developers, and users.

Project Need: The recommended practice needs to be updated to incorporate additional scope, update relevant aspects that have evolved since the last major update [1999], and also go through the ANSI process to provide accredited consensus across the industry. Specifically, the RP to be updated is to include the scope of inertia topics that have impacted the missiles and space industry in the past and possibly prevent possible issues in the future. Typically used coordinate systems have also evolved over time and the recommended references need to be expanded upon to be more relevant. Incorporating the proposed additional scope into the standard will allow mass properties engineers to reduce errors or technical challenges regarding inertias and also update the coordinate system and other reporting aspect to be more current with respect to daily practices in the industry.

This standard will provide coordinate system designations for flight vehicles and standards for the placement of flight vehicle mass, center of gravity, and inertia with respect to vehicle features. Launch, space, and atmospheric vehicles are included in this standard.

Author: Jeff_Cerro

SAWE Hampton Roads Chapter Vehicle Systems - Mass Properties - Structures Standards and Practices Model Based MPE

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