2 thoughts on “DJI Drone Deadlift Test”

  1. We are truly living in the future. Back in college (late ’80s) I was on a team in an SAE engineering competition to design, build and fly a radio-controlled cargo aircraft. The goal was to carry as much ballast weight as possible around a short air course and land without crashing. We were provided a two-stroke model aircraft engine and 4-channel radio-control set (pitch, yaw, roll, throttle). Maximum wing area was fixed at about 12 ft² (1.1 m²) and cargo volume was the size of a loaf of bread. Everything else was up to the team. A competitive design could carry 20 pounds (9 kg) or so.

    As difficult as it was to design an build the thing on time (within a year) and budget (a few hundred bucks), the hardest, funniest and most horrifying part was flying it. Even the most experienced radio-control model aircraft pilots we could get found these crazy monstrosities nearly impossible to control. The crashes were pretty great.

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