Give us Your Best Engineering Joke!

One thing I think everyone can agree on:  it has been a heck of a year, and everyone could use a bit of comic relief. 

So, for the Winter 2021 issue of “Weight Engineering”, we will be featuring a selection of favorite engineering jokes from the membership!  Please send your submissions to me at  Along with the funny stuff, please send your name, SAWE chapter, and (if you’d like) a picture of yourself and why you find the joke meaningful to you. 

Please get your submissions in by 1/10/21 to be considered.  You can type your joke up in an email or send an MS Word or PDF file.  And let’s keep it classy folks:  jokes considered racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive will not be published.  Should not be a problem from such a fine bunch of Mass Properties Professionals such as yourselves!  Jokes at management’s expense would be considered par for the course, naturally. 

Thank you for your continued support of the SAWE through these challenging times. 

Nick Marickovich, VP Publications

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