A message on membership in the SAWE from the President

Membership in the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) affords you access to a vast library of mass properties technical papers, reference materials, industry standards, training courses and new processes, plus direct connections to products and services from our vendors. SAWE membership also includes our magazine (the Journal), monthly SAWE news bulletins, and blogs for forum discussion. SAWE membership is an opportunity to participate in evolving and maintaining industry standards for mass properties. It is a community of technical sharing as well as building personal connections and relationships.

SAWE is taking industry lead by developing a Mass Properties Certification Program to address quality, mentoring, and experience related forecast needs for tomorrow’s community of engineers. This exciting program will provide many advantages to engineers, companies, and customers throughout industry. Membership participation is key to this very important endeavor.

SAWE membership provides benefits and opportunities to help you stay current with the latest technologies, information, and development. The SAWE membership community is continually providing support to the mass properties engineering profession. Visit sawe.org to review our many products and resources.

I encourage every mass property engineer to join SAWE and explore the opportunities for enhancing your engineering experience. We welcome your participation.


John Hargrave, President