2012-05 71st Annual SAWE International Conference - May 2012

International Conference Flyer71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Gögging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012



Technical Tracks

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012


Miguel Mascaray-Rufas
Vice President – Technical Director


Since its inception in 1939, the purpose of the SAWE has been to promote the exchange of technical information and new ideas in Mass Properties Engineering. The SAWE International Conference is the annual meeting that brings together mass properties professionals from throughout the world.  These dedicated men and women work in close cooperation with and address the needs of industry, government, and other engineering and manufacturing organizations.  The 2012 Technical Tracks are a result of input from these mass properties professionals with the combined efforts of the International Officers, the 2012 Conference Committee, and the Technical Committee.

For us, the mass properties professionals, but also for all engineering community, the SAWE Annual event is an excellent opportunity to learn and share the latest developments on the discipline, not only attending the technical sessions and papers presentations but also meeting colleagues from all around the world.

The technical content of 2012 Conference will turn around advance weight estimation methods, use of modern CAD systems for mass properties analysis, weight management, aircraft components weight optimization, aircraft load-ability studies, masses and flutter, new aircraft technologies, mass properties handbooks, mass distribution calculations, etc ...

There will be two complete days dedicated to the technical presentations. This year, the Technical and Organization Committee agreed on a new set-up of the sessions:  technical presentations will run in parallel to ensure the presentation of all papers, but in addition, we will maintain full-sessions presentations for five papers previously selected by the Technical Committee. During this full-sessions an open debate will also be maintain with contributions of all attendees. 


Projected Technical Papers:

3540 Integration of CAD Systems into Mass Properties Systems
- Claudia Rosenberger, USB
3541 Comparison of different Fuel Mass Estimations Algorithms
- Roland Reinartz, CASSIDIAN
3542 Optimisation of Aircraft Weighing Results and Failure Analysis
- Gregor Lehnertz, CASSIDIAN
3543 Development of a Concept for a Weight Estimation and Calculation Tool
-Andreas Schmidt, Assystem
3544 Weight Reduction on Serial Rotor-Craft Program
- Johann Wenzl, Eurocopter
3545 Weight Management for Aircraft Passenger Seats
- H.-M. Hübner, Recaro
3546 Vibration Analysis and Structural Dynamic Testing
- Markus Schiessl, CASSIDIAN
3547 Implementation of a Tool Chain for Extended Physics-Based Wing Mass Estimation in Early Design Stages
– Felix Dorbath, DLR
3548 Determination of Residual and Operational Fluids on Power-plants
- Andreas Klose, RR Deutschland
3549 Horizontal Tail Plane Optimization in Preliminary Aircraft Design
- Ruben Gonzalez, Airbus
3550 A probabilistic approach for the improved prediction of load-ability rates in freighter aircrafts
- Ral Mauersberger, EADS
3551 Mass & balance Effects on Aircraft Flutter
- Wolfgang Luber, CASSIDIAN
3552 Fly Around the World With a Solarpowered Aircraft - Achievements and Status of the SolarimpulseProgram
– Hannes Ross, Solarimpulse
3553 Vehicle Inertia Measuring Machine (VIMM)
- Daniel Wegener, RWTH-Aachen
3554 Mass Analysis — An Important Discipline of the Luftfahrttechnisches Handbuch (Aeronautical Engineering Handbook)
– Stephan Scheidler, IABG
3555 A Fast Method for Estimating Steady Airloads on Parts of Aircraft at Arbitrary Flight Conditions
- Albrecht Eberle, CASSIDIAN (Retired)
3556 Composite Tank Structure Dynamics Modelling based on Finite Particles
- Andreas Baeten, Uni Augsburg
3557 Position control of Galileo satellites
- R Matthias Wiegan, Astrium
3558 Assembly Mass Distribution Calculation in CATIA V5
- Hale Szegin, TAI
3559 Fuel Mass Properties Calculation with CATIA V5
– Ralf Funk, CASSIDIAN
3560 Dummy Optimization Regarding Mass Properties for Shaker Test and Flight Test
- Jürgen Clermont, CASSIDIAN
3561 The Importance of Inertia Properties Measurement for Road Accident Reconstruction
- Gianpiero Mastinu, Politecnico di Milano
3562 Parametric Estimation of Anchor Handling/Towing Winches
- Runar Aasen, BAS Engineering AS
3563 Optimization Centers - a systematic deployment of structural optimization in large enterprises
- Matthias Radny, Altair Engineering GmbH
3564 Multi-Fidelity Wing Mass Estimation Based on a Central Model Approach
- Daniel Boehnke, DLR, Hamburg
3565 Weight Aspects of Glare Fiber Metal Laminates
- Cees van Hengel, Fokker Aerostructures
3566 Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization in the Conceptual Aircraft Design Phase to Support Early Mass Predictions
- Johannes Schweiger, CASSIDIAN
3567 Crew Transfer Options for Servicing of Geostationary Satellites
- Jeffrey A. Cerro, U.S. Government - NASA Langley Research Center
3568 Weight Reports on the Cheap
- David Tellet, U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command
3569 Revisiting Seawater Density and Its Impact on Submarine Design
- David Tellet, U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command
3570 Center of Mass Uncertainty Coordinate Transformation
- John H. Nakai and Wen Tsai, The Aerospace Corporation
3571 An Advanced Quasi-Analytical Weight Estimation Method for Airplane Lifting Surfaces
- A. Elham, M. J. L. van Tooren, G. La Rocca, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
3574 Updated SumMassProps - Version 9 - A Comprehensive Excel-Based Mass Properties Solution
- Robert L. Zimmerman, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
3575 Aerostatic Spherical Bearing
- Arun Kumar, ISRO Satellite Centre
3576 Automation Methods for Aircraft Weight Activities
- Ozlem Isikgogan, Tusas Aerospace Industries, Turkey
3581 Aircraft Weight Scatter at Delivery
- Airbus Weight Operations 
3582 Process and Tools to Support Marketing and Sales Weight Activities
- Airbus Weight Operations
3583 Report Format for Weight Control of Offshore Structures
- Stein Bjorhovde, BAS Engineering AS, Aalesund, Norway

Student Papers
3572 Effect of Using Different Weight Estimation Methods on Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aircraft Wing
- Jan Mariens, TU Delft
3573 Investigation of the Feasibility of an Integrated Weighing System for Helicopters with Wheel Landing Gears
- Philipp Schneider, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
3577 Method for the Reduction of Analytical Weight Estimation Models for the Use in Early Project Phases
- Daniel Lidner
3578 Improving Structural Weight Estimation of Novel Aircraft Configurations to Enhance Performance Analysis
- Seyyedeh Maryam Moghadasi, TU Delft
3579 An Empirical Aero Gas Turbine Preliminary Weight Estimation Method Based on Artificial Neural Networks
- P. Lolis, B. Arumugam Shanmugasundaram, V. Sethi, P. Pilidis, Department of Power and Propulsion, Cranfield University Bedfordshire, MK43 0AL, UK
3580 Mü-31
- Johannes Achleitner, Peter Grohe, TUM/Akaflieg München


Standards and Practices

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012


Alan Titcomb
Standards and Practices Committee Chairman
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

The objective of the SAWE’s Standards and Practices Committee, or SPC, is to serve the mass properties profession by providing a non-proprietary, consensus forum for the development of industry products that respond to the needs of our members and their customers. Much of this work centers on Recommended Practices, or RPs, of many types including requirements, best practices, product and process standards. SPC activities are not limited to RPs alone. Just about any activity that serves the society membership in a given industry sector is acceptable. Past examples have included textbooks, handbooks, and industry surveys. An unofficial objective of the SPC is to foster the development of products that make our professional activities more efficient, more consistent, and more valuable for the professionals of today and tomorrow as well as clearer and more understandable to our customers. 

Planned SPC Events

The SPC is such an important activity that the SAWE dedicates an entire day to it. That day will feature the following highlights:

Opening Session– A kickoff to the day’s activities at which the year’s progress will be reviewed, our progress towards becoming an official ANSI-recognized Standards Developing Organization will be presented, and future objectives will be discussed. Specifically, we are planning to show the audience the European Standards, with their responsible Organizations, that are used in the different Countries and Companies for mass property analysis. 

SPC Luncheon– For this popular event we are in contact with a speaker from the German Government Site. The name of the person and the title of the presentation is still in negotiation. 

SPC Breakout Sessions– During these meetings chaired by industry and government leaders, industry needs and opportunities are reviewed, the year’s activities are presented, and future activities are planned. Present standards are reviewed for currency and new standards are formulated. Specific industry breakout sessions include: Marine, Military Aircraft, Offshore Marine Systems, Missiles and Space Systems, Airline Affairs, and Ground Systems. 

n these sessions, sample topics of discussion include:

  • Further development of the CATIA V6 Weight Tool with Dassault Systems, France
  • How to measure the inertia properties of road and off-road vehicles and their sub-system (Politecnico di Milano, Italy, and Space Electronics)
  • Presentation of The Luftfahrttechnisches Handbuch (LTH) - an Aeronautical Engineering Handbook, covering Mass Property Analysis (Dr. Stephan Scheidler, IABG)
The SPC welcomes all members and visitors to participate and improve the mass properties profession as it relates to your specific industry. We always welcome new ideas, new participants, and new contributions. Help us improve our profession by participating in SAWE SPC activities. 

Standards and Practices Luncheon

Chris Worning

Mr. Chris Worning
Typhoon Flight Test Pilot

Mr. Worning will speak about the “Highlights of the Eurofighter Typhoon Flight Test Program.”

Mr. Worning was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 August1957. He joined the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) in November 1976 for basic training and pilot screening. In August 1977 he began Undergraduate Pilot Training at Vance AFB, Oklahoma, USA and graduated in August 1978. Following the Fighter-Lead-In Course at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA, he returned to Denmark for Basic Officer’s training and joined the 730th Fighter Bomber Squadron at Skrydstrup AFB flying the F-100D in March 1979. In October 1981, Mr. Worning attended the Danish Air Force Academy and returned to Skrydstrup in June 1984 for conversion to the F-16A/B. He served in the 727th All Weather Fighter/Attack Squadron and completed the F-16 Fighter Weapons Instructor training (FWIT) in the fall of 1986.
During 1987, Mr. Worning attended the Empire Test Pilot’s School at Boscombe Down, England, and, following graduation, he was assigned to the Tactical Air Command, Denmark (TACDEN), where he was responsible for all fixed wing test activities and was F-16 Project Pilot for the RDAF. He completed various certification programs on the F-16, the F-35 Saab Draken, and the Gulfstream III. He also participated in the definition phase of the multinational Mid-Life Update program for the F-16A/B.

Mr. Worning left the RDAF in March 1991 to join Dornier Luftfahrt GmbH in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany, as a test pilot. While at Dornier, he flew the Do228 and the Canadair Challenger and participated in the entire test program for the Do328 regional airliner. In December 1995, he returned to military flying when he joined the flight test department Cassidian Air Systems in Manching. Since July 1998, he has served as Cassidian’s Eurofighter Project Pilot in Germany.
Mr. Worning currently flies the Eurofighter, the Tornado, the Cessna Citation II, and the Cessna Citation Jet.
Mr. Worning has flown more than 5800 hours in 46 different aircraft types and has been pilot in command of 18 different jets and turboprops in addition to a number of light aeroplanes.

Mr. Worning is a Fellow of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots (SETP) and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS).

Training Program

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012


George Lindberg
VP - Training
General Electrodynamics Corporation

As the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Training committee prepares to welcome you to the 71st Annual International Conference on Mass Properties in Bad Gögging and Manching, Germany, we would like to present our preliminary slate of classes for your professional development. These classes are offered to expand your expertise as a Mass Properties Engineer (MPE), and we hope that many of you will register for classes in fields outside of your area of expertise or industry. We hope that after taking these classes you will emerge more knowledgeable and learn how special the discipline of weight engineering is across the multiple industries. This year, the Training Program will take place at the Cassidian plant in Manching, which is 25 km west of Bad Gögging. Shuttle buses from the Hotel to Manching and back will be provided for all students. The SAWE has a track record of delivering excellent training and hope you will enjoy it with us here in Germany. 

Day Date Class Title
Saturday 5/5 SAWE RP-07: Mass Properties Mangement and Control of Military Aircraft
Typhoon UMP Training
Principles of Weight Management and Weight Estimating Methods for the Offshore Oil Industry
Sunday 5/6 Aircraft Weight Estimating and SAWE RP-08: Weight and Balance Reporting Forms for Aircraft
Monday 5/7 Aircraft Weight and Balance
 - Day One
Tuesday 5/8 Aircraft Weight and Balance
 - Day Two
Wednesday 5/9 AWBS Version 10.0



SAWE RP-07: Mass Properties Management and Control of Military Aircraft
Dudley Cate, SAWE Fellow, NAVAIR-Retired

This full-day class will familiarize students with effective control of the weight and other mass properties of an aircraft. The class will also expose students to other considerations associated with mass properties management and control described in SAWE RP-07. The primary objective will be to acquaint participants with the major considerations for successful weight control during the development phases of a program, to include: concept exploration, demonstration, validation, and full-scale development. These major elements incorporate planning, organizing, staffing, subcontractor control, requirements allocation, risk reduction, data collection, analysis, tracking, controlling, weight reduction programs, validation, verification, and test support.



Typhoon UMP Training - Canceled
Gregor Lehnertz, CASSIDIAN

This one-day course is restricted to participants already being involved in the Typhoon UMP process with more or less experience gained in their specific application role. Starting with a brief process presentation, the focus will switch towards evaluation and discussion of available process application experience, additionally highlighting critical aspects. Furthermore, special features like weighing period management as well as special budget management will be outlined, owing to their increasing relevance in the future. The course will also introduce and provide failure investigation routines and advice and finally discuss potentials and risks of future process optimisation and customization. As the course will be held in a normal classroom, there are no special requirements regarding clothing.



Aircraft Weight Estimating and use of SAWE RP-08: Weight and Balance Reporting Forms for Military Aircraft
Dudley Cate, SAWE Fellow, NAVAIR-Retired

The objectives of this one-day course are to provide an overview of weight estimating methods and the weight estimating process for aircraft and to provide insight into the weight and balance reporting formats and requirements of SAWE Recommended Practice 8. Included will be descriptions of the many types of aircraft estimating methods, together with their applicability and limitations. Many other weight estimating considerations also will be addressed, including impacts of new technologies, estimating prototypes and derivatives, sources of weight data and estimating methods, and dealing with estimating uncertainty. Estimating aircraft center of gravity location and moments of inertia will be briefly discussed. The portion of the course devoted to RP-08 will address the three major parts contained therein. The basic RP-08 concept of allocation by function will be explained, and the important RP-08 allocation instructions will be covered. The requirements for structural increments and design information also will be addressed, along with why inclusion of those data is so important to weight estimating and weight control. 



Principles of Weight Management and Weight Estimating Methods for the Offshore Oil Industry
Andy Schuster, SBM Offshore, SAWE Honorary Fellow

Weight Management is a critical element of design, construction, and operation of an offshore oil system. Keeping the weight and center of gravity within predefined limits can be challenging. However, application of proven principles and tools will result in achieving these goals.

The principles involved in weight management for the offshore oil industry will be presented and explained. The student will develop an understanding of technical topics such as development of preliminary and detailed weight estimates, application of weight contingencies and allowances to cover ‘known unknowns,’ control of changes to designs, and weight saving techniques. The student will develop an appreciation of how weight information is used by other project team members such as cost control, scheduling, transport and lift contractors, and others. Also, the student will learn about some of the techniques that can be used to successfully manage the weight.

A key to Weight Management is the initial weight estimate. Therefore, an overview of weight estimating methods as defined in SAWE RP-14 and applied to the offshore industry is included. For example the application of proven methods - based on historical weight data and experience - is employed to determine preliminary weights for offshore structures.

This training course will highlight the importance of weight management in the oil industry, present several of the methods typically used to create preliminary estimates of weight and center of gravity and walk through an example of estimating preliminary weight and CG data for a floating offshore platform. This class was jointly taught and developed by Andy Schuster (SBM Offshore) and Dave Bennett (WorleyParsons) for the 2011 International Conference in Houston, Texas, as two half day classes. It is being offered in 2012 in a full day to better serve the SAWE membership. 



Aircraft Weight & Balance Course
Tom Oole, SAWE Honorary Fellow, United States Air Force - Retired

This two-day course assumes a basic knowledge of weight and balance. The class will demonstrate and teach proper procedures for weighing and completing forms for military aircraft. The intent of this class is to provide the student with an understanding of the weight and balance system within the United States Air Force and “pitfalls” involved in weighing aircraft. Students should bring basic calculators, paper, and pens/pencils for use in examples and exercises. Students should also dress appropriately for the trip to the aircraft hangar. Wear rubber-soled, closed-toed shoes. 



Automated Weight and Balance System (AWBS) Software Training - Canceled
Harold Smoot, Lockheed-Martin or Pat McIntyre, General Electrodynamics Corporation

This one-day class will present the features of the Automated Weight and Balance Software in a hands-on training class. The class will begin with a discussion of the terms and developmental history of AWBS, minimum system requirements, and software installation. The basic approach of the class is to give computer demonstrations followed by student exercises that will provide the students with a good understanding of AWBS Version 10.0 features. Students will receive a complete overview of the software features to support weight control programs for military aircraft. The instructor will also allow time to address specific AWBS needs and questions of the students. Students are required to bring their laptop computer. A version of AWBS 10.0 will be required for the class. 



Vendors and Sponsors

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012


William Griffiths
VP Vendor Relations
The Aerospace Corporation


On behalf of the International Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Incorporated, I encourage your company to participate as an Exhibitor or Sponsor at the 71st  Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering in Manching/Bad Gögging, Germany. The Monarch Hotel in Bad Gögging is a vacation paradise, with natural hot springs and forested hiking trails to maintain a life balance with our technical sessions. The Exhibit Hall is in the foyer of a building separated from the hotel, and is large enough to accommodate 16 to 20 exhibitors with ease.

Having attended the SAWE Conference in Madrid, Spain in 2007, I am excited about returning to Europe. Some of our European exhibitors, who were unable to attend our last few conferences because of the economic conditions, will be able to attend this conference. I am looking forward to renewing their acquaintances. At the same time, several of our faithful exhibitors from the U.S. have already indicated they will be attending.

As an exhibitor, your company will have the opportunity to  provide conference attendees with an awareness of the newest concepts, products, and services offered in a diverse range of technologies and transportation sectors. Each exhibitor will have an 8’x10’ area to display their products and services in a secured exhibit area. Exhibitors and sponsors are each invited to make a brief presentation in one of the Technical Tracks. Longer presentations of 20-40 minutes can be arranged with concurrence of the Technical Program Committee. In addition, if you desire to provide training in the use of your product or service, I will arrange a discussion with our Training Group to afford this opportunity. I encourage more involvement with SAWE on every level.

Conference attendees are encouraged to visit all of the exhibits to discuss the products and technologies with the attending representatives. Depending on the particular exhibitor, knowledge in the form of demonstrations, literature, or samples will be available to take back to your place of employment and share with colleagues.

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor, sponsor, author of a technical paper or presentation,  or would like to teach a vendor training course, please visit the website, www.sawe.org. Early registration for the conference is encouraged. The SAWE Store can be accessed from the above website, and it is possible to register now and pay later. The deadline for registering and paying in full is April 23, 2012.

For more information on sponsorship and exhibiting, please use this contact form.



Gold Sponsors




Silver Sponsors



Huntington Ingalls Industries

Intercomp Company


Bronze Sponsorships



General Electrodynamics Corporation


Usb Management Consulting and System Development Gmbh



Altair Engineering
BAS Engineering (ShipWeight)
CMW Incorporated
General Electrodynamics Corporation
Huntington Ingalls Industries
Intercomp Company
Space Electronics LLC
Stanley Vidmar
Technisches Gewichts-Management
Technoscale OY
usb GmbH

Break Sponsors

General Electrodynamics Corporation
Space Electronics LLC

2012 SAWE International Conference - Sponsorship Opportunities

71th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
May 5-10, 2012  Monarch Hotel, Bad Gögging, Germany



Corporate Level

Obtain maximum exposure for your Company through three different tiers of Corporate Sponsorship:

Tier Gold Silver Bronze Exhibitor
Cost € 7,000 € 3,500 € 1,750 € 910
Logo on sponsor signage 1,2 X X X
Logo on Event web page 3 X X X
Logo on Announcement 3 X X X
Company Name on Announcement X X X X
Logo on Event Guide 3 X X X
Company Name on Event Guide X X X X
Event Guide Ad - full page 3 X    
Event Guide Ad - half page 3   X  
Event Guide Ad - quarter page X
Registration - 4 packages 4 X    
Registration - 3 packages 4   X  
Registration - 2 package 4     X X
Disk Space 5 X X X X
Exhibition Space X X X

* Logo is proportionately sized in thirds based on applicable tier of Sponsorship.

  1. Displayed in SAWE Exhibit Area and in Technical Sessions
  2. Displayed at major events (Reception/Mixer, Opening Session, Government/Industry Luncheon, and Awards Banquet)
  3. Logos displayed wherever “71st Annual SAWE Conference” is printed
  4. Registration Packages equal to what is allotted to a full three-day individual member registration
  5. Disk Space on the Conference Proceedings up to 50Mb, 25Mb, and 15Mb, respectively

Events Level

Company Name listed on Placard positioned outside the following Special Events:

  • Sunday Reception/Mixer,
  • Select Coffee/Refreshment Breaks
  • Hospitality Suite

Cost for Events sponsorship is €350.
: The SAWE does not allow for exclusive sponsorship of events. All "Event" Sponsors will have their name displayed in the same size on a placard under a general listing of "Event Sponsors".



  • 8 ft x 10 ft Exhibit Area
  • Opportunity to make brief presentation during technical track

Exhibitor cost is € 910 per exhibit space.



BoeingAltairNorthrop GrummanIntercompGECCassidian

Social Events

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012 


Sunday, May the 6th

Nymphenburg Palace and Flugwerft

Nymphenburg PalaceTo celebrate the birth of their son and heir, Elector Ferdinand Maria and his consort Henriette Adelaide of Savoy charged architect Agostino Barelli with the building of a summer residence west of Munich. The simple cube-shaped building, begun in 1664, was enlarged under Max Emanuel and Karl Albrecht from plans by Henrico Zuccalli and Joseph Effner.

The massive Great Hall("Steinerner Saal") was decorated in the Rococo style by Johann Baptist Zimmermann and François Cuvilliés the Elder under Elector Max III Joseph. A famous feature of the palace is the Gallery of Beauties, painted for King Ludwig I by Joseph Stieler.
Beside the palace the extended historic park invites to walks.

After this visit we will have a short bus ride to Schleissheim Palace. After lunch in the Palace restaurant we will visit the Flugwerft.

The Flugwerft Schleißheim branch is located some 18 kilometres north of Munich's city centre close to Schleißheim Palace. It is based on the premises of one of the first military airbases in Germany founded just before World War I. It comprises the old air control and command centre building as well as modern buildings added in the late 2000s after strong endorsement from Franz-Josef Strauss, the at the time prime minister of the local state of Bavaria, who was a passionate flyer.
The "Flugwerft Schleißheim" displays various interesting airplanes for which not enough space was available at the "Museumsinsel" site in downtown Munich. Among the more prominent exhibits there is a Horten flying wing glider built in the 1940s, restored from the few surviving parts. A collection of the German constructions of VTOL (vertical take off and landing) planes developed in the 1950s and 1960s is quite unique. A range of Vietnam era fighter planes as well as Russian planes taken over from East Germany after the reunification are shown. This outstation also features a workshop dedicated to the restoration of all kind of airplanes for the purpose of static display.


Monday, May the 7th

Regensburg tour

RegensburgLocated on the Danube River, the Old Town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof is an exceptional example of a central-European medieval trading centre, which illustrates an interchange of cultural and architectural influences. A notable number of buildings of outstanding quality testify to its political, religious, and economic significance from the 9th century. The historic fabric reflects some two millennia of structural continuity and includes ancient Roman, Romanesque, and Gothic buildings. Regensburg’s 11th- to 13th-century architecture still defines the character of the town marked by tall buildings, dark and narrow lanes, and strong fortifications. The buildings include medieval patrician houses and towers, a large number of churches and monastic ensembles as well as the 12th-century Stone Bridge. The town is also remarkable as a meeting place of general assemblies until the 19th century. Numerous buildings testify to its history as one of the centres of the Holy Roman Empire.


Monday evening, May the 7th

Bavarian evening

At a typical bavarian tavern at Bad Gögging we will spend a bavarian evening with bavarian music and food.


Tuesday, May the 8th

Munich tour and shopping

MunichMunich is the capital city of Bavaria, Germany. It is located aside the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, behind Berlin and Hamburg. About 1.35 million people live within the city limits. Munich hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics.

The city's motto is "München mag Dich" (Munich likes you). Before 2006, it was "Weltstadt mit Herz" (Cosmopolitan city with a heart). Its native name, München, is derived from the Old High German Munichen, meaning "at the monks' place". The city's name derives from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city; hence the monk depicted on the city's coat of arms. Black and gold—the colours of the Holy Roman Empire—have been the city's official colours since the time of Ludwig the Bavarian.

The year 1158 is assumed to be the foundation date, which is only the earliest date the city is mentioned in a document. The document was signed in Augsburg. By that time the Guelph Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, had built a bridge over the river Isar next to a settlement of Benedictine monks - this was on the Salt Route and a toll bridge.

The inner city:

At the centre of the city is the Marienplatz—a large open square named after the Mariensäule, a Marian column in its centre—with the Old and the New Town Hall. Its tower contains the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. Three gates of the demolished medieval fortification have survived to this day—the Isartor in the east, the Sendlinger Tor in the south and the Karlstor in the west of the inner city. The Karlstor leads up to the Stachus, a grand square dominated by the Justizpalast (Palace of Justice) and a fountain.

The Peterskirche close to Marienplatz is the oldest church of the inner city. It was first built during the Romanesque period, and was the focus of the early monastic settlement in Munich before the city's official foundation in 1158. Nearby St. Peter the Gothic hall-church Heiliggeistkirche (The Church of the Holy Spirit) was converted to baroque style from 1724 onwards and looks down upon the Viktualienmarkt, the most popular market of Munich.

The Frauenkirche is the most famous building in the city centre and serves as the cathedral for the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising. The nearby Michaelskirche is the largest renaissance church north of the Alps, while the Theatinerkirche is a basilica in Italianate high baroque which had a major influence on Southern German baroque architecture. Its dome dominates the Odeonsplatz. Other baroque churches in the inner city which are worth a detour are the Bürgersaalkirche, the Salvatorkirche (St. Salvator), the Dreifaltigkeitskirche, the St. Anna Damenstiftskirche and St. Anna im Lehel, the first rococo church in Bavaria. The Asamkirche was endowed and built by the Brothers Asam, pioneering artists of the rococo period.


Tuesday evening, May the 8th

Roman and Celtic museum guided tour and dinner

On Tuesday we will spend the evening in a Roman and Celtic museum with two tour guides. After the museum tour we will have a dinner inside the museum.


Wednesday, May the 9th

Danube river boat ride and Weltenburg Abbey tour

Weltenburg AbbeyThe Danube is a river in Central Europe and is Europe's second longest river after the Volga. It is classified as an international waterway.

The river originates in the Black Forest mountain area in Germany as the much smaller Brigach and Breg rivers which join at the German town of Donaueschingen. After that it is known as the Danube and flows southeastward for a distance of some 2,872 km (1,785 mi), passing through four Central and Eastern European capitals, before emptying into the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

Known to history as one of the long-standing frontiers of the Roman Empire, the river flows through or acts as part of the borders of ten countries: Germany (7.5%), Austria (10.3%), Slovakia (5.8%), Hungary (11.7%), Croatia (4.5%), Serbia (10.3%), Bulgaria (5.2%), Moldova (1.6%), Ukraine (3.8%) and Romania (28.9%). (The percentages reflect the proportion of the total Danube drainage basin area).

Weltenburg Abbey (Kloster Weltenburg) is a Benedictine monastery in Weltenburg in Kelheim aside the Danube in Bavaria, Germany.

First foundation:

The abbey is situated on a peninsula in the Danube, on the so-called "Weltenburg Narrows" or the "Danube Gorge". The monastery, founded by Irish or Scottish monks in about 620, is held to be the oldest monastery in Bavaria.
The monastery courtyard is surrounded by Baroque buildings, the highlight of which is the abbey church, dedicated to Saint George, which was built by the Asam Brothers between 1716 and 1739. The chapel underwent extensive restoration from 2003-2005.
The abbey was dissolved in 1803 during the secularization of Bavaria.

Second foundation:

On 25 August 1842 Weltenburg was re-founded as a priory of Metten Abbey. It has been a member of the Bavarian Congregation of the Benedictine Confederation since 1858 and was raised to the status of an independent abbey in 1913.
Besides the traditional duties of hospitality, the abbey has pastoral responsibility for four parishes.

Abbey brewery:

Weltenburg Abbey brewery (Weltenburger Klosterbrauerei) is by some reckonings the oldest monastery brewery in the world, having been in operation since 1050, although the title is disputed by Weihenstephan Abbey. Their Weltenburger Kloster Barock Dunkel was given the World Beer Cup award in 2004 as the best Dunkel beer in the world. The wing of the monastery that faces the Danube River houses a large restaurant on the ground floor operated by a tenant. The traditional Bavarian menu includes the monastery's cheese and beer, and guests are also served in the monastery courtyard, which houses a large open-air biergarten during the warmer months.


Thursday, May the 10th


All conference attendees are invited to visit the CASSIDIAN site at Manching. After a welcome and a short introduction it is planned to visit the Eurofighter Final Assembly Line and the maintenace facilities for Tornado, C-160 Transall etc. After the tour and a lunch the visitors will be returned to the hotel.


Conference Registered Events

In addition to the many technical events at this conference, there will also be several opportunities for social interaction, networking, and meeting new and old friends. These events are: the Sunday night Welcome Reception, the Tuesday Standards and Practices Luncheon, and the Wednesday night Awards Banquet. Registration is required for each event. Please note that the Welcome Reception is included in the 3-Day Registration for members and non members. All members and their guests are invited to join us at the following events: 

  1. Welcome Reception - The Central European chapter is pleased to invite you to the Welcome Reception on Sunday evening for a great social atmosphere and a tasty German buffet. The reception will be arranged at the Café Prinzregent inside the Monarch Hotel. The buffet will be composed of a variety of smoked fish on cranberry horseradish cream, Rolls of turkey ham stuffed with Waldorf salad, black forest ham, meat loaf with mustard and potato cucumber salad, variety of salads, rustic bread basket with butter, potato cream soup with croutons, marinated beef with raisins and almonds, chicken breast on mushroom ragout, hash browns, warm apple cake with vanilla sauce, black forest cherry cream and foamy wine cream with glaced grapes. The hotel also has an onsite bar for your convenience and enjoyment.

  2. Standards and Procedures Luncheon - The Monarch hotel will serve a Spring menu consisting of creamy asparagus soup with truffled oil, roast medaillons of saddle of veal under a sesame mustard crust on morel cream sauce with glazed spring leek carrots, vegetable and spinach tagliatello. As dessert the hotel will serve strawberry-rhubarb tiramisu and mint sorbet on white chilli-chocolate sauce. Our lunch speaker will be Mr. Chris Worning, CASSIDIAN Eurofighter Typhoon test pilot. Chris will talk on Highlights of the Eurofighter Typhoon Flight Test Program.

  3. Awards Banquet  - As every year, the cherry on the cake of the conference is the Award Dinner. This event concludes our conference activities and features introduction of our International Officers, the announcement of Society Fellows and/or Honorary Fellows, the award of the Best Paper Award, and many other recognitions of the accomplishments of the year. The Monarch hotel will serve a Summer Menu. The entrée will include an eummerly leaf salad on sweet mustard vinaigrette with fried pike-perch fillet followed by pinapple-basil sorbet. The main course is chicken breast with a shrimp-asparagus filling on cherry tomato papaya salsa and Cognac sauce, and grilled Thai asparagus on curry potato puree. The dinner will be finished with a tonka bean-hazelnut canapé in two kinds of peach with rasberry pulp. A cash bar will be available.

Date Day Price Event
5/5/12 Saturday 30 € Board of Directors Lunch
5/6/12 Sunday 42 €* Welcome Reception
5/8/12 Tuesday 42 €* Standards and Procedures Luncheon
5/9/12 Wednesday 42 € Awards Banquet

 *Included in three-day registration

Hotel and Transportation

71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012 



The MonarchThe 71st Annual International Conference of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers will be held at the Monarch Hotel in Bad Gögging, Germany. The Monarch hotel offers Bavarian style hospitality. The elegant 4-star superior hotel with modern comfort located in the heart of the Hallertau and well connected to the Bavarian cities Munich, Nuremberg, Regensburg, and Ingolstadt, just 45 minutes from Munich International Airport Franz-Josef-Strasse. The hotel features a sauna, steam bath, heated indoor and outdoor thermal pools, gym and Vital center with a beauty parlor. Sports and relaxation programs are available.

The hotel has two dining facilities with the Maria-Thersia and Kaiserin Elisabeth restaurants where breakfast, lunch and buffet dinners are served.



The Monarch Hotel, Kaiser-Augustus-Strasse 36, D-93333 Bad Gögging, Germany
Tel. +49 9445-98-0 Fax: +49 944598-888

A block of rooms as been reserved for the 2012 International Conference and a special negotiated rate is available for Standard Rooms, Junior Suites, and One Bedroom Suites. The Standard Room price for Single occupancy is € 99/night. Double occupancy is € 135/night. The Junior Suites and One Bedroom Suites are available at extra cost. All rates include a buffet breakfast for each occupant. In addition to the days of the conference, these rates are available for three days prior and three days after the conference. Please use registration code "SAWE2012" when making hotel reservations to receive the special rate. Please include the registration code in the Remarks field on the hotel booking registration form.


Transportation to/from Munich Airport

The Manching/ Bad Gögging organisation committee is pleased to offer you a reasonably priced transportation service. We have been able to win the company "airportLiner" as a preferred business provider. Airportliner is also partner of other companies like for example Lufthansa and offers a shared ride shuttle service, as well as an executive transfer from Munich airport to the Monarch Hotel and vice versa.

The price will depend on the number of passengers and the kind of transfer. The following options can be offered for Congress participants. The prices are exclusively for this event and will differ from the prices, stated on the Airportliner homepage.

Share ride service/ One way:

1 Passenger only:         35 Euros + 50 Euros surcharge = 85 Euros
2 to 3 Passengers:       38 Euros per Passenger
4 to 8 Passengers:       29 Euros per Passenger

Note: The 50 Euros surcharge is requested, since Bad Gögging is not located on the direct connection between the Munich airport and the Airportliner home base. However the surcharge will not be claimed if at least two persons are having the same destination address.

Executive Transfer/ One way:

This service is offered as a flat rate with a price of 139 Euros.

In this flat rate, the transportation of 1 to 3 Persons (maximum) in Upper Class car is included.


Please complete your booking at least 48 hours before the transportation is required. During the booking process, please use the following codeword: SAWE_Conference 2012 – Bad Gögging to assure the consideration of the reduced conference prices.

The booking can be done via airportLiner service telephone line or via the booking tool, which is available on the airportLiner internet homepage or via the following link: https://ssl.airportliner.eu/~web1/buchen_2.html. From 2nd quarter of this year onwards, all credit cards and also cash payment will be accepted.

The airportLiner homepage is also accessible in English language. AirportLiner will be responsible for organising the travel groups and for defining convenient pick-up times. Waiting times will be minimised, but might not be fully unavoidable. However you can use this time for a short shopping tour in the Munich airport or experience the famous "Bavarian Gemütlichkeit" already on arrival at a stay in the "Airbräu" restaurant, which is located on the border between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

The airportLiner office hours, its telephone number and all other important information can also be found under following internet address, www.airportliner.com.

Alternatively you can find several hire car providers at the central area of Terminal 1 of the airport. The Hotel Monarch has an agreement that cars of the company SIXT can be given back at the hotel. A surcharge of 30 € is requested, so that the price for a hire car for one day will amass to 120 Euros or more.

We hope you have a nice trip to Bad Gögging and we will see each other at the conference.

AirportLiner Website
AirportLiner Flyer (English)
AirportLiner Booking 


71st Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
The Monarch
Bad Goegging and Manching
Bavaria, Germany
May 5 - 10, 2012


General Conference Registration



Conference registration is required for all those who wish to attend or participate in any conference events including technical sessions, training, social events, banquet, luncheon, etc. A Conference Badge is required for participation in all conference events. Advanced registration is strongly advised. Payment of all applicable Registration Fees by check, credit card, or cash is required before or at the time you obtain your Conference Badge at Registration (there will be no exceptions). General Registration Fees are as follows. Students, Retirees, Authors, Presenters, please see the fees identified under Special Conference Registration. 


Registration Level Fee* What does this fee include?
Access to Conference
SAWE Members
3-Day Registration 450 € Yes Yes No Yes
2-Day Registration 315 € No No No No
1-Day Registration 210 € No No No No
3-Day Registration 520 € Yes Yes No Yes
2-Day Registration 385 € No No No No
1-Day Registration 280 € No No No No

*All registrations made after April 22, 2012, will be increased by 35 €. If you anticipate that your company will miss this deadline, please add this fee. If you do meet the deadline, the 35 fee can be refunded to you.

**Rather than incur a 70 increase in registration fee for being a non-member, consideration should be given to becoming an SAWE member at a cost of $70 US. This can best be accomplished by using the web site www.sawe.org to become a member before registering for the conference.

*** Access to the SAWE papers presented at this conference will be provided by means of a password and link to access them electronically. It will be forwarded to all qualifying registrants soon after the conference. As a membership benefit, members have free access to all papers from conferences one year or more past. 


Special Conference Registration

Full-time students, retirees, authors of official SAWE papers, and presenters (without official SAWE paper submittal), are all eligible for Special Conference Registration fees as follows. Please note that all Registration Fees must be paid in full by check, credit card, or cash before you arrive or when you obtain your Conference Badge from Registration (there will be no exceptions).


Registration Level Fee* What does this fee include?
Access to Conference
Full-time Students and Retirees
Student (Full-time undergraduate)
or Retiree
1 Day / 10 €
2 Day / 15 €
3 Day / 20 € 
No No No No
Authors and Presenters
Author (non-student) Complimentary for Day of Paper for one individual per paper only No No No No
Author (student) Complimentary 3-day registration for all co-authors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presenter (without SAWE paper submittal) Complimentary 1-day registration for day of the paper No No No No


Training Registration

  Member Non-Member
One two-day class 420 € 490 €
One full-day class: 210 € 280 €
One half-day class: 105 € 175 €

Class registration must be completed by April 22, 2012, to ensure your seat in class, however, advanced registration is not required if class space remains after the aforementioned date. Class sizes are limited, and enrollment is subject to availability. SAWE reserves the right to cancel or combine classes if registration does not meet the minimum requirements for attendance. Also, as with the conference registration fee, rather than incur a 70 € increase in registration fee for being a non-member, consideration should be given to becoming an SAWE member at a cost of $70.

Social Events

Reservations for special/social events should be made at time of conference registration. Space is limited and is subject to availability. Payment must be received upon request of event registration and registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. All event registration information will be retained by the Social Events Chair and may be verified at time of conference check-in if desired. All social events are detailed in this announcement and prices are listed below.


Date Day Price Event
5/6/12 Sunday 35 € Palace Nymphenburg & Oberschleißheim Aircraft Museum
5/7/12 Monday (Daytime) 35 € Regensburg Tour
5/7/12 Monday (Evening) 20 € Bad Gögging Eisvogel
5/8/12 Tuesday (Daytime) 35 € Munich Tour
5/8/12 Tuesday (Evening) 20 € Roman and Celtic Museum Guided Tour and Dinner
5/9/12 Wednesday 35 € River Danube & Monastry Weltenburg
5/10/12 Thursday 1 € CASSIDIAN Tour