2018-2019 SAWE International Elections

February 15, 2018


2018-2019 SAWE International Elections are now open. Voting ends April 15, 2018. Click the link below to vote online. This years election includes SAWE International Officers and proposed Constitution and By-Laws changes.

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2018-2019 Candidates for International Offices


William BozeWilliam Boze


Society of Allied Weight Engineers

  • Honorary Fellow
  • Current President
  • Former Senior Vice President
  • Former Executive Vice President, two terms
  • Former SAWE Marine Vessel Government Industry Co-Chair
  • Former SAWE Academic Committee Chair
  • Former Deputy to VP Technical
  • 2010 International Conference Co-Chair

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers

  • Former Member, Technical & Research Ship Design Committee and Weight Engineering Panel Chair
  • Former Naval Architect Advisor – Newport News Shipbuilding Apprentice School Student Chapter


  • Former Member – Naval Technical Committee – American Bureau of Shipping
  • Former Member, Virginia Tech College of Engineering, Aerospace and Ocean Engineering Advisory Board


Our industry wide mass properties survey conducted in January 2018 provided valuable insights communicated by mass properties individuals, some of whom are not SAWE members. The need for increasing awareness of the importance of Mass Properties with the Management and Project Offices is just one prevailing message conveyed. Veterans with decades of experience and knowledge retiring within the next 5 to 10 years requires recruitment and training for those who will succeed them. It is our obligation as a society to help promote the importance of mass properties and facilitate this transfer of knowledge to the succeeding generations. That requires leadership, engagement, mentoring and a strategic approach, all which I and the current SAWE Executive Board has displayed since May 2017. I personally believe this transference of critical knowledge is the opportunity and mechanism for a resurgence in SAWE participation. By exposing the results of this survey to our members, Corporate Partners, and Academia, we can execute a mitigation plan that addresses the risk and re-instills the values of our beloved society. Values like having a strong industry network, best practices presented in the form of new technical papers, plus industry standards and training built on those technical papers. But as we all recognize, it will take corporate awareness and support plus SAWE to help facilitate a solution to what faces the mass properties community and industries we represent.


Executive Vice President

Clint Stephenson


  • BS Aerospace Engineering - Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas


  • Clint Stephenson has almost 20 years of Engineering experience, primarily in the Space Industry with a short foray into the Energy Industry. Clint's experience encompasses development and sustaining mass properties engineering.


Society of Allied Weight Engineers

  • Joined SAWE in 2003
  • Served as Houston VP in 2004
  • Served as Houston President 2005-2008, 2010
  • Served as Houston Treasurer 2008-2010, 2012-2013
  • Served as International Conference Chair 2011
  • Became Lifetime Member in 2011
  • Serving as Houston Director since 2013
  • Served as International Operations Manual Chair 2014-2016
  • Serving as International Membership Chair 2016 - present
  • Serving as International Conference Head Co-Chair 2018 (also serving as local Vendor Chair, local Student Outreach Chair, local Technical Chair, and local Hospitality Chair)
  • Serving as Chair of Standards and Practices Offshore Committee since 2017
  • Developed SAWE survey 2017-2018 with intention of parlaying results into a plan to provide the Mass Properties Engineering community with what is at the forefront of their needs. 
    Presenting survey results at Southern California Regional Conference 2018. Submitting paper and delivering presentation at the Texas International Conference 2018.


I have been increasingly active in the Society of Allied Weight Engineers since joining in 2003. In that time, I have seen our society evolve and become more streamlined. The SAWE must continue to evolve to meet the demands industries allied with us require, in order to provide the best product for the betterment of our World. To accomplish this, I will work with our SAWE Corporate Partners and Members in order to address specific industry needs. I will work to determine our membership values and needs. I will encourage and solicit input and participation. I will work to grow our society by acting in support of the values and needs our membership demands. I ask for your support in my bid for the office of SAWE Executive Vice President. I ask for your support in our bid to improve our World.


Senior Vice President

Ruben González-González


  • Aerospace Engineering Degree – Polytechnic University Madrid (UPM)
  • Industrial Management Engineering Master Degree - Polytechnic University Madrid (UPM)


2001 Airbus Mass Properties Engineering

  • 2007-2009 Rear Fuselages and Empennages Weight Estimation Focal point
  • 2010-2011 Future Projects Mass Properties coordinator
  • 2011 A350XWB Mass Properties Manager


Society of Allied Weight Engineers

  • Fellow Member
  • Ed Payne Award
  • 2007 International Conference Host
  • 2017-2018 Senior Vice-President


  • Society of Aircraft Performance and Operations Engineers - Member
  • American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics – Senior Member


During last year I have been honored serving SAWE as Senior VP and this has reinforced, even more if possible, my engagement and commitment with the vision of adapting ourselves and our mindset to more open and challenging world, keeping and reinforcing, at the same time, the values of our society.

We have reinforced the role of the Conferences launching a full review of the Operations Manual and we have updated the Call for Papers content including preferred topics guidelines based into requests from Industrial Committees collected during previous Conference. 2019 International, hosted by Hampton Roads chapter, Conference Committee has closed site selection in Norfolk, Virginia, and Central European Chapter will host 2020 International Conference in Hamburg, Germany.


Proposed SAWE Contstitution and By-Laws Change

The following changes to the Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) Constitution and By-laws have been approved by the SAWE Board of Directors. For these changes to be formally adopted, a majority vote is required by SAWE members. Therefore, the SAWE Executive Board needs all members to participate.

The SAWE Board of Director approved changes are summarized as follows:

  1. Academic Committee & Chair - Update and revise the Academic Board’s inclusion in the SAWE and change the title and responsibilities of the Academic Board Chair to Vice-President of Academic Affairs
  2. Secretary of Finance - Enable the Executive Director (ED) to appoint a Secretary of Finance
  3. Membership Registration - Include Online Application for membership registration or renewal via the SAWE website

The following provides the background for the prescribed changes:


Change 1 - Academic Committee & Chair

Update and revise the Academic Board’s inclusion in the SAWE and change the title and responsibilities of the Academic Board Chair to Vice-President of Academic Affairs.

As Documented:

Committees shall be formed to advise the officers of the Society and for transacting certain affairs of the society. The Academic Board (commonly referred to as the Academic Committee) is directly responsible for development and execution of all plans and programs that interface with the Society and the academic community. The chair is selected from the Academic Board’s previous year make-up by the International President.

Reality Today

The Academic Committee is more involved throughout the entire SAWE organization and, therefore, supports promoting the Academic Board Chair to a Vice-President position:

  • The Academic Board Chair is now included in the Technical Committee to assist the VP Technical Director in organizing and judging student paper submissions to the SAWE conferences.
  • It is planned to include the Academic Board formally in the site selection, conference announcements and program, and student inclusion in the SAWE international conference planning. The Academic Committee has already been active in student inclusion in the SAWE 2016 – 2018 international conferences.
  • Each year, the SAWE awards an annual local $1,000 scholarship to a student enrolled in an accredited engineering program regional to the International Conference. The selection process has been left to either the local universities or the local SAWE members. It is planned to involve the Academic Committee in the selection process, as it would establish a consistent method of evaluating applicants and awarding scholarship money.

The Academic Board (to be renamed Academic Committee) will remain as a Standing International Committee. This change, in turn, has led to a proposal to change the title and responsibilities of the Academic Committee Chair to Vice-President of Academic Affairs. It is like the way we revised the Standards and Practices Committee with the VP in charge of appointing and replacing his committee members when we changed the roll to a VP position.

Changing the Academic Board Chair to Vice-President of Academic Affairs would retain consistency of the various committee heads’ positions:

Committee Relation within SAWE Chair is:
Awards Internal Not a VP
Financial Planning Internal Not a VP
Membership Internal Not a VP
Projects External Executive VP
Technical External VP Technical Director
Standards & Practices External VP Standards & Practices
Academic External Not a VP

Many decisions regarding the Academic Committee are made at the Executive Board level (functions, personnel, duties and responsibilities, funding, etc.) and the Academic Committee Chair has no voting privileges. Changing the Academic Board Chair position to that of Vice-President of Academic Affairs would include this position on the Executive Committee, thereby giving a voice to the Academic Committee.


Change 2 - Secretary of Finance

Enable the Executive Director (ED) to appoint a Secretary of Finance.

As Documented:

The Executive Director shall maintain the funds and financial records of the Society and shall receive and disburse funds as directed by the Board of Directors

Reality Today

The burden on the SAWE Executive Director (ED) has become so great that duties associated with managing finances and financial records needs to be appointed to a new position that will be called Secretary of Finance. The Secretary of Finance will be appointed by the ED. This will allow the ED to delegate the day to day financial obligations and transactions to this new position. This will reduce the workload of the ED and allow for more oversight on strategic planning, marketing and administration of the society.

The concept was presented and discussed at the 2017 Board of Directors meeting held in Montreal, Canada with Kimberly (Kim) Brown appointed to the position on a trial basis ending in December 2017. She has now accepted the position beginning January 1, 2018 and the responsibilities have been formally transitioned to her.


Change 3: SAWE Membership Registration

Include Online Application for membership registration or renewal via the SAWE website

As Documented:

Applications for membership shall be made to the Treasurer of the Chapter of their choice, or to the Executive Director if no Chapter affiliation is reasonable or desired.

Reality Today

The internet and software has made it both economical for SAWE and convenient for SAWE members to apply for membership. Our Constitution & By-Laws need to recognize this technology for online registration via SAWE website.


SAWE Constitution and Bylaws Changes

Proposed Changes will occur in the following Articles:

Article III Membership

3. Application for membership- include online registration via SAWE website

Article IV International Organization

4. Officers

a) International Officers

Add Vice-President/Academic Affairs

5. Board of Directors

a) The Board of Directors shall consist of the following officers

Add Vice-President/Academic Affairs and renumber as necessary

b) Increase voting power of one (1)

Add Vice-President/ Academic Affairs

Article V Committees

2. International Committees

a) Standing Committees


Revise wording as necessary to include the new VP/ Academic Affairs as the chairman in lieu of the chairman of the Academic Board

Article VI Duties OF OFFICERS

  1. International Officers
  • Executive Director.

Revise the duties to include appointment of a Secretary of Finance and delegate the daily and routine financial transactions and obligations to that position.

  • Add responsibility for new position of VP/ACADEMIC AFFAIRS