Technical Papers

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SAWE0001 1. Weight Economy $20.00
SAWE0010 10. Calculation of Landing Gear and Hydraulic System Weights $20.00
SAWE0100 100. Probability Confidence Belts in Weight Estimation $20.00
SAWE1001 1001. Weight Estimates for Quiet/STOL Aircraft $38.00
SAWE1002 1002. Methodologies for Predicting Avionic System Capability and Weight in CTOL and VTOL Fighter/Attack Aircraft - 1975 to 1995 $20.00
SAWE1004 1004. Weight Control and How We Look at It $20.00
SAWE1006 1006. Weight Engineering Approach in the A300 Program as an Example of International Cooperation $32.00
SAWE1007 1007. Military Specification for Weight Control Procedural Guide $20.00
SAWE1008 1008. The C-5 Weight Control Program and Its Influence on Structural Efficiency $20.00
SAWE1010 1010. Shuttle/Centaur - A Low Cost Space Transportation System for High Energy Missions $20.00
SAWE1011 1011. A Computer Program for Parametric Sizing of Ballistic Reentry Vehicles $20.00
SAWE1012 1012. Dynamic Unbalance Correction Weight Determination $20.00
SAWE1013 1013. Error Terms for Moment of Inertia Measurement $20.00
SAWE1014 1014. Space Simulation Platform $20.00
SAWE1015 1015. Preliminary Weight Estimation of Canard Configured Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1016 1016. \\SWEEP\\ - An Interdisciplinary Approach to a Structure Weight Estimating Program $20.00
SAWE1017 1017. A Method for Weight/Cost Trade-Offs in Preliminary Air Vehicle Design $20.00
SAWE1018 1018. Fly-By-Wire, What Does it Weigh? $20.00
SAWE1019 1019. Fuselage Basic Shell Weight Prediction $26.00
SAWE0102 102. Derivation of Weight Increments for a Wing Production Break at the Side of the Fuselage $20.00
SAWE1020 1020. Aircraft Proposal Evaluation Methods $20.00
SAWE1021 1021. A Procedure for Calculating the Weight of Wing Structures With Increased Service Life $38.00
SAWE1024 1024. A Parametric Analysis of Transport Aircraft System Weights and Costs $20.00
SAWE1025 1025. Geometric Analysis $23.00
SAWE1095 1026. Procedure for Evaluating Stability Required for Emergency Undocking of Nuclear Submarines During Destructive Weather $20.00