Technical Papers

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SAWE1050 1050. Approximating Inertia Uncertainties for Satellite Flat Spin Analysis $20.00
SAWE1051 1051. Parametric Weight Prediction Method for Spacecraft Vehicle $20.00
SAWE1052 1052. Measurement of the Inertial Properties of the Helios F-1 Spacecraft $20.00
SAWE1054 1054. Motivation of Weight Engineers: A Survey $20.00
SAWE1055 1055. Rotorcraft Technology 1985 - 1990 $20.00
SAWE1056 1056. The Challenge of Weight and Balance Control and Design-To-Cost for Y/C-14 Prototype Development $20.00
SAWE1059 1059. Weight and Performance Characteristics of Magnetically Suspended High-Speed Trains as Compared to Aircraft $20.00
SAWE0106 106. A Method of Determining the Effects of Elevated Temperature on Structural Design and Weight $31.00
SAWE1060 1060. Impact of Safety, Energy, and Emission Requirements on Vehicle Design $20.00
SAWE1063 1063. Isogrid Weight Optimum Structures $20.00
SAWE1064 1064. Application of Programmable Calculator Systems in Mass Properties Engineering $23.50
SAWE1065 1065. Liquid Hydrogen - Fuel of the Future? $21.50
SAWE1066 1066. Mass Properties Measurements of Large Objects $20.00
SAWE1067 1067. Safety/Reliability and Their Impact on Aerospace Vehicle Weight and Cost $20.00
SAWE1068 1068. Will Design-To-Cost Work Over the Long Haul? $20.00
SAWE1069 1069. Engineering Cost Control $20.00
SAWE0107 107. Weight Estimation of Hydraulic Cylinders for Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1070 1070. The Integrated Team: Key to Implementing Design-To-Cost $20.00
SAWE1071 1071. A Parametric Determination of Transport Aircraft Price $20.00
SAWE1072 1072. An Approach to Integrated Cost/Weight Design Methodology $20.00
SAWE1073 1073. STAN (R) Developments and Applications $20.00
SAWE1075 1075. Digital Computer Applications to Weight and Balance Analysis $20.00
SAWE1079 1079. Aircraft Floor Panel Developments at British Airways (1967-1973) $20.00
SAWE0108 108. More Payload in Airline Operation Through Weight Control $20.00
SAWE1080 1080. Theoretical Versus Actual Seating Patterns in Wide Body Aircraft $20.00