Technical Papers

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SAWE1081 1081. The Weight Engineer in Engineering Flight Test $20.00
SAWE1082 1082. Multi-Language Glossary of Weight Engineering Terms and Phrases $30.50
SAWE1084 1084. Omnibus - Findings of Airline Inflight Passenger Surveys $20.00
SAWE1085 1085. Aircraft Concepts for Advanced Short Haul Systems $20.00
SAWE1086 1086. Calibration of On-Board Weight and Balance Systems $20.00
SAWE1087 1087. Load Cells Used to Certify Masses $20.00
SAWE1091 1091. Weight Contribution to Fuel Conservation for Terminal Area Compatible Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1094 1094. A Loadability Comparison of the L-1011 and DC-10-10 $20.00
SAWE1096 1096. Isogrid Structural Applications $20.00
SAWE1098 1098. Operating Cost Model for Local Service Airlines $21.50
SAWE0011 11. The Messerschmitt 110 - Details of Germanys Mass Production Fighter $20.00
SAWE1100 1100. Survivable Fuel Systems $37.50
SAWE1101 1101. Estimating Procedures Associated With Aircraft Modification $20.00
SAWE1102 1102. Fuselage Analytical Weight Estimation Method $20.00
SAWE1104 1104. Weight and Balance Considerations in the Design of the A-10A Close Air Support Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1105 1105. Advanced Design Composite Aircraft, the Next Step for Composites $20.00
SAWE1106 1106. Space Applications of Composites $20.00
SAWE1124 1107. Deployment Vehicle Mass Properties Model $20.00
SAWE1108 1108. Optimization of Liquid Propellant Tank Bulkheads $20.00
SAWE0111 111. Structural Design Considerations for a High Altitude Sounding Rocket of the Viking Type $20.00
SAWE1110 1110. A Mass Properties Computer System for Integrating Multivehicle Space Programs $22.00
SAWE1111 1111. Bifilar Pendulum Technique for Determining Mass Properties of Discos Packages $20.00
SAWE1113 1113. Instrumented Gas Bearings Provide a Test Bed for High Accuracy Inertia (Moments & Products) Measurements $20.00
SAWE1114 1114. Computer Aided Weight Data Collection and Reporting $22.00
SAWE1115 1115. Marginal Cost Factors for Surface Combatant Ships $20.00