Technical Papers

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SAWE1177 1177. Advanced Technology Emphasis for a 1985 Tactical Supersonic Cruise Airplane $20.00
SAWE1178 1178. Design Problems Associated With the B-1 Composite Horizontal Stabilizer $20.00
SAWE1179 1179. Estimating Car Structural Weight When Materials Are Changed $20.00
SAWE0118 118. Designing Balance Control With Moveable Ballast $20.00
SAWE1180 1180. The Quality of Work Life Organizational Development at Trans World Airlines $20.00
SAWE1181 1181. Influence of Mechanical Transmission Concepts on a Navy Type A Operational Aircraft Weight $20.00
SAWE1182 1182. Designing to Cost (DTC/LCC) $20.00
SAWE1183 1183. Techniques for Evaluating Airframe Structural Elements and Their Applications to Design-To-Cost $20.00
SAWE1184 1184. The Use of Parametric Cost Estimating Relationships for Aircraft Systems in Establishing Initial Design to Cost Targets $20.00
SAWE1185 1185. Weight and Cost in the Design Arena $20.00
SAWE1186 1186. C-5 Wing Modification Weight and Design to Cost Status $20.00
SAWE1187 1187. Inclining Experiment Uncertainty Analysis $20.00
SAWE1188 1188. Weight, Stability, and Subdivision Considerations in the LHA-1 Class Design $20.00
SAWE0119 119. Experimental Inertia Determination $20.00
SAWE1190 1190. An Interpretation of the Navy Weight Control Program $20.00
SAWE1191 1191. Marine Disasters Related to Mass Properties or Stability $20.00
SAWE1192 1192. Methodology to Qualify and Quantify Preliminary Ship Design Weight Estimates $33.00
SAWE1193 1193. Women in the Mainstream of Management $20.00
SAWE1194 1194. Matrix Management at the Aeronautical Systems Division $20.00
SAWE1195 1195. Human Performance - Management Style and Human Values $20.00
SAWE1196 1196. Developing New Role Relationships for Men and Women in Business $20.00
SAWE1198 1198. A Statistical Examination of Weight and KG Margin Values for U.S. Navy Surface Ships $20.00
SAWE0012 12. Weight Control - Aircraft Design Problem $20.00
SAWE0120 120. The Forgotten Half $20.00
SAWE1200 1200. Transactional Analysis in Supervision and Management $20.00