Technical Papers

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SAWE1201 1201. Managing Engineers in an Affirmative Action Atmosphere $20.00
SAWE1202 1202. Sensitivity of Combat Aircraft Mass to Changes in Structural Design Safety Factors $20.00
SAWE1203 1203. Spacelab $20.00
SAWE1206 1206. Advanced Composite Materials - The Outlook for Space System Structures Through the 1990's $20.00
SAWE1207 1207. Weight Optimization - A New Challenge of Weight Engineering $20.00
SAWE1208 1208. Weight Reduction - A Continuing Challenge $20.00
SAWE1209 1209. Advanced Aircraft Weighing Systems $20.00
SAWE0121 121. Bonded Sandwich Structure Saves Airframe Weight $20.00
SAWE1213 1213. Primary Operation With an Electronic Weight & Balance System on B747 Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1214 1214. Cost Efficiency Considerations Concerning the Application of Advanced Technologies for Civil Transport Aircraft $56.50
SAWE1216 1216. RAVES, A System for the Management of Design/Analysis Tools and Information $20.00
SAWE1219 1219. CAD Review - A Status Report $20.00
SAWE0122 122. Reinforced Plastics in Aircraft Construction $20.00
SAWE1220 1220. Mass Data - Integrated in a Hardware Related Data Organization $20.00
SAWE1221 1221. Design to Cost - A Routine Approach $20.00
SAWE1222 1222. Design to Cost - The Interface Between Cost Saving and Weight Efficiency $20.00
SAWE1223 1223. A Credible Cost Estimating Procedure for Composite Airframes $20.00
SAWE1224 1224. Price Determination of General Aviation, Helicopter and Transport Aircraft $37.00
SAWE1225 1225. The Use of System Level Cost Estimating Relationships to Establish Initial Design to Cost Targets for Rotorcraft, Fixed Wing and Hybrid Aircraft $20.00
SAWE1226 1226. Weight Assessment of Electronic Boxes $20.00
SAWE1251 1227. Improvements of Electro-Optical Sensors Due to Application of Modern Components $20.00
SAWE1228 1228. Amplifier in the MHz Frequency Range With High Integration of Components $20.00
SAWE1229 1229. Application of Microprocessors for Weight Reduction in Avionic Systems $20.00
SAWE0123 123. Problems Encountered With Weight-Saving Titanium $20.00
SAWE1230 1230. Mass Properties Control and Management Program Plan - Section I $20.00