Technical Papers

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SAWE1231 1231. Can We Improve Performance? Behavioral Modification In Management $20.00
SAWE1237 1237. A Statistical Approach to Naval Ship Weight Estimating $20.00
SAWE1238 1238. Royal Navy Surface Ship Weight Design $20.00
SAWE0124 124. Causes, Effects, and Control of Weight Variation in Reinforced Plastics Aircraft Applications $20.00
SAWE1240 1240. Development of the Shortened Airbus Derivative A300B10 and the Problem Achieving Optimum Weight $20.00
SAWE1241 1241. Aspects on the Configuration Optimization Process of Stike - RPVS $20.00
SAWE1242 1242. Impact of Active Control Technology on Structures $20.00
SAWE1243 1243. Interactive Graphics in Preliminary Design of Air Vehicles $20.00
SAWE1244 1244. Weight Risk Analysis $20.00
SAWE1245 1245. Progress in Engine Construction Through Developments in Materials Technology $20.00
SAWE1246 1246. Development of Methods for Calculating and Inquiry to Low Cycle Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics of Jet Engine Materials $20.00
SAWE1247 1247. Designing an Electromagnetic Levitation System for High Speed Ground Transportation Vehicles $20.00
SAWE1248 1248. Aircraft Engine Weight Estimation Method $20.00
SAWE1249 1249. A Review of Current Microthruster Technology for Synchronous Satellite Applications $20.00
SAWE0125 125. Application of Statistical Weight Analysis Methods to Helicopter Preliminary Design $20.00
SAWE1252 1252. Spacelab Mass Evolution and Consolidation $20.00
SAWE1253 1253. Prevision and Monitoring of Weight During Development of the Ariane Launcher $20.00
SAWE1255 1255. Road Stress Resistance and Lightweight Construction of Automobile Road Wheels $20.00
SAWE1256 1256. Compatibility in Car-To-Car Frontal Collisions $20.00
SAWE1257 1257. Todays Challenge in Rail Transit $20.00
SAWE1258 1258. Commonality of Aircraft Families as an Important Element of a \\Design-To-Cost\\ Strategy $20.00
SAWE1259 1259. VAK 191 B Design and Weight History $47.00
SAWE0126 126. Fuselage Weight Prediction $20.00
SAWE1260 1260. Subsonic V/STOL Concepts With Emphasis on Weight Effects $20.00
SAWE1261 1261. Ground Effects of V/STOL Vehicles $20.00