New SAWE Faculty Advisor Membership Application

Thank you for considering membership in the SAWE.

Faculty Advisor Members 

  • Be the point of contact between your college or university and the Society of Allied Weight Engineers
  • Maintain contact with SAWE Vice-President of Academic Affairs and SAWE in general to inform students of larger regional and international events, including conferences and scholarships, while your local chapter officers will keep you informed of more local events and meetings. 

Faculty Advisor Membership Benefits

  • Three issues of the Weight Engineering Journal
  • Access to members only content through the SAWE website
  • Update Membership information and renew membership online
  • The Conference Announcement and discounted conference registration
  • The opportunity to take specialized training classes
  • Participate in development of SAWE Recommended Practices and Standards
  • 10 free downloads of technical papers or recommended practices (over 2,000 technical papers have been presented at SAWE Annual International Conferences)
  • Discounts for all SAWE publications and textbooks
  • Free handbook updates and revisions
  • Additionally, we have some PowerPoint lectures suitable for teaching mass properties at the college-level.

For information on SAWE member benefits, visit the Member Benefits page. 


New SAWE Faculty Advisor Membership


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