ShipWeight User Group Meeting

ShipWeightShipWeight North American User’s Group Meeting & Training (SNAUG’10)

On September 30th 2010 we will be hosting the fourth SNAUG meeting.  The meeting will be held in conjunction with the Society of Allied Weight Engineers Houston Regional Conference on Mass Properties in Houston, Texas.


SNAUG would be of interest to active ShipWeight users as well as those who are considering acquiring it. 


The meeting will cover presentation of and training in:

New ShipWeight 10.0 features, including the new ShipWeight “Playground” (inputting weight information in a temporary check area prior to making the data go “live”)

  Enhanced functions; existing functions in ShipWeight that have been enhanced in version 10.0

Frequently overlooked functions; useful existing features that are often forgotten

Reporting capability


We are soliciting suggestions for specific topics that attendees would like to see presented.  In addition we hope to include user-presentations on their experiences with ShipWeight.  Please do not hesitate to contact us!


The meeting is an excellent opportunity to:

  Meet other ShipWeight users in an informal setting for exchanging experiences and discussions on best practices

  Meet and give feedback to us as developers of ShipWeight and weigh in with your opinions

Learn about new ShipWeight 10.0 functionality as well as refresh knowledge on existing features

Participate in making priorities for future development of ShipWeight


The registration fee is US$ 75 and this covers breakfast, lunch and snacks.  In the coming weeks we will be sending out more details on the meeting; in the meantime if you have any questions or know someone else who might be interested in attending and receiving future notices, please feel free to contact us at