76th International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering

Guest Speakers

76th SAWE International Conference
on Mass Properties Engineering

May 20-25, 2017
Montreal, Canada 


Opening Session Speaker

Marc-André Valiquette
Author/Publisher of several historical books on Canadian Aviation IMAVIATION


Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1958, Marc-André Valiquette discovered aviation at a very young age when his father frequently took him to Dorval’s Montreal airport observation deck. In 1976, while doing his military pilot training course at CFB Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, he was able to nd information on the Avro CF-105 Arrow. Since then, he has met several people who were directly involved with this great project, either at their home or at meetings of the “Arrow-heads.” With the passing of years, his collection of documents and photographs on the Arrow, Avro, and Orenda has never ceased to grow.

In 2009, the centennial commemorative year of the rst powered ight in Canada, and 50 years after the Arrow cancelation, he took the decision to share his passion on this subject. The four volume series Destruction of a dream, the tragedy of Avro Canada and the CF- 105 Arrow was self-published over a two year period, culminating with the launch of Volume 4 in November 2011.

This will be the rst time the SAWE International Conference will be hosted in Canada. To celebrate this occasion we have asked Marc-André to tell the story about an iconic Canadian innovation whose demise had huge repercussions in the global aviation industry. It is hoped that his presentation will not only be an inspiration but also a warning for engineers, innovators, and corporate decision-makers. How can we learn from our past to be able to succeed in the future?



Standards and Practices Luncheon Speaker


Robert Dewar
Vice President, C Series Aircraft Program
Bombardier Commercial Aircraft


Robert (Rob) Dewar was appointed to his current position as Vice President, C Series Aircraft Pro- gram, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in April 2010.

As part of Bombardier’s mandate for  flawless execution, Mr. Dewar leads the teams responsible for the overall C Series aircraft product development, design, and integration, as well as production, certification, delivery, quality, schedule, and cost.

Boasting a 20-year career with Bombardier, Mr. Dewar has held several key positions in engineering and in various product development programs, most recently as Vice President C Series Integrated Product Development, having originally joined the C Series aircraft program as Director of Product Definition at the very onset of the program in May, 2004. Mr. Dewar is an integral member of the leadership team responsible for successfully bringing the game-changing C Series family of aircraft to market. His role is key in ensuring customers’ requirements and business case objectives are met.

A long time aviation enthusiast, Mr. Dewar graduated from Montreal’s McGill University with a degree in Engineering, specializing in Aerospace Structures and Combustion. Mr. Dewar began his aviation career in 1986 holding key positions over the years in both a product development capacity and sustaining program capacity for major aircraft manufacturers, including Airbus Industries, Alenia, and Embraer.

A native of Montréal, Québec, Mr. Dewar resides with his family in the Montréal area where he is currently based.