2018 SAWE International Conference - Sponsorship Opportunities

77th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
May 5-10, 2018
Irving, Texas, USA
Sheraton, DFW Airport Hotel

The Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) provides opportunities to connect with engineers and industry professionals from large and small companies from around the world. SAWE conferences and technical publications support a wide range of industries including aerospace, defense, government, marine, automotive, airline and other related industries. The SAWE is focused on:

  • Providing a means for those interested in mass properties engineering to work together to further their professional goals.
  • Promoting recognition of mass properties engineering as a specialized discipline in the entire spectrum of professional engineering.
  • Serving as a medium for the exchange of current mass properties related techniques and state of the art improvements in the profession.
  • Promoting the design and manufacture of optimum weight equipment, development of new materials, and improvements in the state of the art.
  • Encouraging members to promote continuous improvement in the interrelations between mass properties engineers for mutual benefit.
  • Publicly recognizing any person or organization that significantly enhances the professionalism of the Society or develops new technology that improves the state of the art of mass properties engineering efficiencies.
  • Promoting the inclusion of mass properties engineering in the curriculum of study in institutions of higher learning.
  • Providing training for those working in the field of Mass Properties.



 Conference Level

Obtain maximum exposure for your Company through various different tiers of Conference Sponsorship:

Tier Diamond Gold Silver Bronze Exhibitor Break
Cost (US Dollars) $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,500 $2,000 $500
Logo on sponsor signage 1,2 X X X X    
Logo on Event web page 3 X X X X    
Logo on Announcement 3 X X X X    
Company Name on Announcement X X X X X X
Logo on Event Guide 3 X X X X    
Company Name on Event Guide X X X X X X
Event Guide Ad - full page 3 X          
Event Guide Ad - half page 3   X        
Event Guide Ad - quarter page     X      
Registration - 4 packages 4 X          
Registration - 3 packages 4   X        
Registration - 2 packages 4     X   X  
Registration - 1 package 4       X    
Exhibition Space X       X  
  1. Displayed in SAWE Exhibit Area and in Technical Sessions
  2. Displayed on wall at major events (Reception/Mixer, Opening Session, Standards and Practices Committee Luncheon, and Awards Banquet)
  3. Logos displayed wherever “77th Annual SAWE Conference” is printed
  4. Registration Packages equal to what is allotted to a full three-day individual member registration


Events Level

Company Name listed on Placard positioned outside the following Special Events:

  • Sunday Reception/Mixer,
  • Select Coffee/Refreshment Breaks
  • Hospitality Suite

Cost for Events sponsorship is $500/event.
Note: The SAWE does not allow for exclusive sponsorship of events. All "Event" Sponsors will have their name displayed in the same size on a placard under a general listing of "Event Sponsors".