80th SAWE Conference - Standards and Practices Day

80th SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
October 2-6, 2021
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Standards and Practices Day

Doug Fisher
Vice President Standards & Practices
Collins Aerospace






SAWE supports mass properties professionals and their customers by making available products such as Recommended Practices, textbooks and handbooks. The Standards and Practices committee provides a non-proprietary, consensus forum for developing these products which make our professional activities more efficient, more consistent, and more valuable to the professionals of today and tomorrow, as well as more understandable to our customers.

This effort is so important that an entire day Tuesday - is dedicated to it. All are invited to attend and learn more, make your voice heard, and get involved.

The day will begin with a review of the year’s progress and future objectives. Then the industry committees will meet in separate break-out sessions for most of the morning. The Standards and Practices luncheon will feature a keynote speaker. After lunch the industry committees will return to their break-out sessions before reconvening at the end of the day for a short debrief of their day’s accomplishments.

Six industry committees encompass the breadth of SAWE activities. During their break-out sessions, industry needs and opportunities are discussed, past progress is reviewed and future activities are planned. Committees may use the forum to brainstorm or build consensus on a particularly challenging issue. This is also the opportunity to elect committee chairs for the next year.

Airline Affairs – focused on aircraft loading and performance for commercial airline operations; includes commercial aircraft product development

Ground Vehicles – private, commercial, government and military cars, trucks, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, construction equipment and trains

Marine private, commercial, government and military surface vessels and submarines

Military Aircraft military fixed wing, rotary wing and lighter-than-air vehicles; includes remotely piloted aircraft; includes applications on private and commercial aircraft

Missiles & Space - commercial, government and military missiles, launch vehicles and spacecraft Offshore – fixed base, floating and semi-submersible platforms primarily for commercial petroleum exploration, drilling and production


The Standards and Practices committee invites all members and visitors to participate and help us improve our profession. You are not required to register for a break-out session. You are not required to join the session that matches your industry, and you are not required to stay all day in one session you may choose to join one session in the morning and another in the afternoon. We welcome new ideas, new participants and new contributions. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard.