80th SAWE Conference - Technical Tracks

80th SAWE International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
October 2-6, 2021
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront

Technical Tracks

Robert Zimmerman
VP Technical Director
Lockheed Martin - Retired
                   Werner Massinger
Deputy VP Technical Director
Airbus D & S
Werner Sellner 
Deputy VP Technical Director 
Sellner Aerostructures
    John Nakai
Deputy VP Technical Director 
The Aerospace Corporation


The Society of Allied Weight Engineers has been promoting the exchange of technical in- formation about Mass Properties Engineering since 1939.   As we enter our 80th year of holding International Conferences, the SAWE welcomes those who have created new technical information to exchange these technical advances with other participants in our 80th Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering. The SAWE brings together mass properties professionals from all around the world to partake in a meaningful interchange of ideas, culminating in two days of Technical Tracks on various aspects of mass properties.

The annual SAWE conference is an opportunity for mass properties professionals to in- teract and share information that is vital to excellence in mass properties execution. Plan on attending the technical sessions with the attendant paper presentations and meet your colleagues from literally around the world.

The 2021 Conference technical sessions will include topics across the full spectrum of Mass Properties Engineering, in two complete days of papers and presentations, plus what is fast becoming an SAWE tradition, the Technical Forum. This year’s Forum will feature our au- dience participation debate on “Overcoming Challenges to Mass Properties Engineering.”


A sample of papers planned for the conference:



Aft Perpendicular... an Afterthought

Rob Dvork, Naval Sea Systems Command   

S3768 Initial Weight Estimation of Twin-Fuselage
Configuration in Aircraft Conceptual Design
Yiyuan Ma. Dr. Eli Elham (advisor),Technical University Braunschweig               
3742 Long Range Aircraft Maximum Zero Fuel Weight Fuselage Shear Curve Design for

Avoiding Airline Cumulative Shear Checks

Ruben Gonzalez Gonzalez, Airbus

3771 A Look at Inclining Experiment Heel
Angles: Measurement Tools and Sensitivity
David Tellet, Retired
3745 Weight Management for On-Shore Modules
Robert Hundl, Fluor

Techniques to Estimate Inertia

Damian Yañez, Gulfstream Aerospace


Artificial Intelligence techniques for the

Ship Weight Estimation

Upendra Malla, Eastern Shipyard

3763 MauSPAF: Design of an Open-Source Mass
Properties Management Framework
Miguel Nuño, Kai Uwe Schroeder, RWTH Aachen University
3764 Technical Authority: What, Why, and How
David Tellet, Christine Wujick, Naval Sea Systems Comman

Mass Properties and Automotive Directional Stability

Brian Wiegand, Retired


Mass Properties and Automotive Braking

Brian Wiegand, Retired

S3767 Determining Center of Gravity of Irregular-Shaped Bodies via Suspension
Emma Markovich (Team Leader) et al, University of Colorado at Boulder