2023 SAWE International Conference - Sponsorship Opportunities

82nd Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
May 20-24, 2023
Cocoa Beach, Florida
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront


Come join us at this year's International Conference in beautiful Cocoa Beach! During our three-day conference, exhibitors will have the opportunity to present their concepts, products, and services to experts and decision makers in the weight engineering realm. Exhibitors will enjoy a 10’ x 8’ booth space in our fully carpeted exhibit hall along with the following benefits:

  • Marketing and Attendee Engagement features in the SAWE Conference App including Push Notifications, Company Listing, Banner Ads, and more!
  • Promotional and advertising opportunities to help increase your company’s exposure
  • Delivery of exhibit materials to the exhibit hall on “Setup Sunday”
  • Complimentary storage during the conference
  • Up to 3 packages stored complimentary (Additional packages cost a nominal $5 per package per day. No deliveries on pallets.)
  • Draped display table with chairs
  • Electrical service – standard U.S. 120 VAC
  • Complimentary registrations for company representatives based on sponsorship level (see table below)
  • Opportunity to give a company presentation during one of our technical sessions
  • Admission to Sunday’s Opening Mixer, Tuesday’s Standards and Practices Luncheon, and Wednesday’s Awards Banquet
  • Opportunity to provide training in the use of your products
  • Following the event, all exhibitors will receive a list of conference attendees

For additional information, download the Vendor Flyer and Sponsor / Exhibitor Info Package at the bottom of this page.

Early registration for the conference is encouraged. Space is limited, so
claim your spot by registering today!


 Conference Level

Obtain maximum exposure for your Company through various different tiers of Conference Sponsorship:

Tier Diamond Emerald Ruby Pearl Exhibitor Forum Break
Cost (US Dollars) $10,000 $5,000 $2,500 $1,600 $2,500 $1,000 $550
Logos & Signage              
Logo on  Website Header Image  X            
Logo on sponsor signage / rotating powerpoint * X X X X  X    
Logo in Conference Announcement PDF X X X X      
Logo on SAWE Conference Website + Registration site X X X X X X X
Logo on all SAWE Presentations  X X          
Technical Session - Company Presentation X X X   X    
Conference Website and App              
Splash page on conference app launch X            
Virtual Sponsor Page X X X X      
Virtual Exhibitor Page         X    
Virtual Forum/Break Sponsor Page           X X
Push Notification from Conference App           1/forum sponsored 1/break sponsored
Exhibitor Hall              
Exhibition Space X       X    
Booth Location on Exhibitor Hall Map X       X    
Forum Sponsorship Logo on Presentation           X  
Break Sponsorship Sign             X
Registration 4 packages ** X            
Registration 3 packages **   X          
Registration 2 packages **     X   X    
Registration 1 packages **       X      
Conference Proceedings              
Receipt of the Annual Conference proceedings (technical papers, presentations and exhibitor information) as a download from SAWE website for the Company Library.  X X X X X    
List of Conference Attendees and Emails X X X X X    

* Displayed in Exhibit Areas, Technical Sessions, Reception/Mixer, Opening Session, Standards and Practices Luncheon, and Awards Banquet.
** Registration packages equal to what is allotted to a full three-day individual member registration.

Events Level

Company Name listed on Placard positioned outside the following Special Events:

  • Welcome Reception/Mixer,
  • Select Coffee/Refreshment Breaks
  • Hospitality Suite

Cost for Events sponsorship is $550/event.
Note: The SAWE does not allow for exclusive sponsorship of events. All "Event" Sponsors will have their name displayed in the same size on a placard under a general listing of "Event Sponsors".

2023 Conference Sponsors


82nd SAWE International Conference Registration