2021-01-15 Virtual Forum: Persuading Leaders and Peers of the Value of Mass Properties


Virtual Forum: Persuading Leaders and Peers of the Value of Mass Properties

January 15, 2021 - 11:00 AM EST 


The SAWE is excited to announce the third installment of our Virtual Forum Series.  This forum will be somewhat different than previous forums in the following way - rather than a Forum leader and a host for the meeting, there will be a forum host and a panel of mass properties experts.  We have engaged people who have moved up to group lead and then to higher management levels, people who have risen to lead mass properties groups, people who oversee mass properties, and people who have experienced both well run and poorly run mass properties organizations.  Each have a tale to tell.
Each panelist will expound on their “secret sauce” on how to enable a well functioning mass properties effort, and more importantly, what the overall value of having such an organization (which could even be a single person) is to their group, company, and nation.  Each panelist will have a short period of time to present their case.  After all the panelists have spoken, we will open up the floor for our audience to comment, ask questions, and discuss what they have just witnessed.  Then there we will conduct a short wrap-up with the opportunity for discussions to continue off-line.

Zoom Instructions

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After registering, you will receive an email from Bill Boze (SAWE Executive Director) with the subject "SAWE Forum: Persuading Leaders and Peers of the Value of Mass Properties". Save this email, as it has the information required to actually join the meeting. Please note that to join the meeting, you MUST use the Zoom desktop client or mobile app. You will not be able to join using the web client.

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