2021-04-29 Cross Chapter Mtg Presentation: Analyzing the sinking of the USS San Diego using a time-based progressive flooding software

SAWE Cross Chapter Meeting
Hosted by Capital Region Chapter

April 29, 2021 - 11:30 AM EDT 

Presentation: Analyzing the sinking of the USS San Diego using a time-based progressive flooding software
 by Mr. John Rosborough

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USS SAN DIEGO ACR 6; Flooding and Capsize Investigation

The USS San Diego was the only major USN warship sunk during WWI. After being damaged off the coast of NY it flooded and capsized in about 25 minutes with the loss of only 6 crew. The USN Board of Inquiry investigating the event worked to determine how this loss could have occurred. Was it sabotage, mine or torpedo damage, and were the proper damage control procedures followed? The Captain and crew appear to have done their best before, during, and after the event. As the centennial of the 19 July 1918 sinking approached, the Naval History and Heritage Command embarked on a series of surveys and studies to evaluate the condition of the wreck and to perhaps address the question of how an armored cruiser could be lost in such a manner. The presentation provides an overview of the modeling and simulation efforts to investigate the 100-year-old mystery and answer the question of how such a capsize could occur.

Speaker Bio:

John Rosborough has 45 years of experience working in support of the US Navy. He has worked at NAVSEA, the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and NSWC Carderock Division where he was Branch Head for Stability & Weight Control Branch from 2001 to 2017. While employed by the Navy, he worked on new designs and in-service ship stability for amphibious ships, combatants, SWATHs, and aircraft carriers. Since 1977 he has been maintaining and improving the Ship Hull Characteristics Program (SHCP), creating pre and post processing software for stability model visualization and results analysis. This includes the software development oversight of the Flooding Casualty Control Software (FCCS), a joint USN & USCG effort, and the Advanced Stability Algorithms (ASA), a time-based progressive flooding software.


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