L.A. Chapter Meeting: Tuesday, 11-28-2017


    • Stay tuned for our annual holiday event in December
    • LA Chapter is hosting the Southwest Regional Conference in Temecula, March 8-10
    • Mojave Desert and San Diego Chapters will also be co-hosting


  1. Discussed current conference details.  Venue, contract, etc
  2. Discussed conference event agenda, etc. in general
  3. Discussed publicity – we need to put out public announcements
  4. Assigning some follow up event details, such a meals, and menu’s  (make a committee for this)
  5. Update plan for training and include date for final decision of what to offer – we’ll need to get this into updated announcement
  6. Discussed technical presentations – select committee, etc
  7. Discussed vendor coordinator and get that solicitation into action
  8. Open discussion

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