FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 120-27E - Proposed SAWE Working Group


January 8, 2014

The US Federal Aviation Administration is currently looking at a revision to the Advisory Circular (AC) 120-27E which is entitled “Aircraft Weight and Balance Control”. The most significant part of the proposed revision will be a change from the use of standard passenger and baggage weights contained in AC120-27E to a requirement that all airlines perform a survey to determine their own particular passenger and baggage weights in AC120-27F.  The FAA stated that would like to "get out of the business" of publishing standard passenger/baggage weights.

If the FAA is successful in "getting out of the business" of publishing standard passenger/baggage weights, then the responsibility will shift to the airlines to establish this data per the currently proposed AC120-27F.  Alternatively, an industry group could step up to lead this effort.  Of course SAWE is well situated to take a leading role in this process/effort.

If you are interested in being part of a team of affected and interested SAWE members, please contact Ed Davis.  The FAA has an open comment period for comments that ends on 31 January 2014.  The SAWE would like to put out a response before that time.